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Australia On Top


Australia put on the knuckle-dusters in what began as a
pitched-battle between a side eager to dominate and a
group of scrappers


The Ashes So Far


In this article, the Ashes series currently being played is dissected and analysed to determine who has played well and who will win.


Cricket 2005 Review

Cricket 2005

Once again, EA has shown it’s contempt for cricket fans and once again, the equivalent offering from Codemasters (they’re doing Brian Lara’s cricket, right?) will probably overtake this one and show them how a cricket game should be done. I’m sure people remember the shemozzles that were EA Cricket 1999 and 2000. Cricket 2002 was […]


Greg Blewett Interview


On the 10th of April 2002, the Cricket Web staff member Corey Taylor interviewed Greg Blewett and asked him a range of questions from his thoughts and feelings about his Sheffield Shield debut to his prospects of playing for Australia again. At all points through the interview he was lucid, very friendly, and gave detailed […]