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Your surprise Packets and biggest flops


Eyes not spreadsheets
nibblet said:
i think that Denmark will surprise a few and in the process repeat their heroics of 1992.

I think they'll have done well to even get out of the Group stage.


Eyes not spreadsheets
Back in 1992 there weren't sides with anywhere near as much quality as we have in about 5 or 6 of the sides playing here (and in 1992 it was only an 8 team tournament)


World Traveller
Still nobody would of given them a chance even when they came in as 11th hour replacement's for Yugoslavia.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Totti for me

Oh, sorry. I thought you said 'Biggest flob'.

I hope the disgusting piece of filth gets banned for the entire tournament.


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broncoman said:
For me, portugal striker Pauleta will win the golden boot, hes been in good form for Paris Saint Germain in Ligue 1 over the past month. hes gonna surprise a lot of people and become a hosehold name in the next year or 2. You cant really call Arjen Robben a curprise packet as we all know how good hes gonna be, but he could well turn out to be player of the tournament, hes been out for the last month with injury, so it will be interesting to see if he can get over that.

Flops... Henrik Larsson, should have stayed in retirement. Hes gonna regret this comeback i feel. The Germans. They have a tough group and most of their best players arent at the top of their game. Could escape embaresment by beating Latvia.

What are a couple of tips of yours??.........

It's a bit early too tell but at the moment all your proficies appear to be completely spot on ;)


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haha yeh im going well!

Larsson killed em, Pauleta hasnt scored in his 2 games and Robben didnt even play in the first game for holland. And Germany havent been the worst team so far!


World Traveller
The thing is, I have read comments on how bad this German team is, yet they have a very good record at World Cups and at European Championships.

People talk about Spain being underachievers, what about England? They are yet to win one despite some awesome players England has had since 1968 (the first Euro tournament England competed in).

Then again maybe we can blame Gareth Southgate.


International Regular
broncoman said:
Flops... Henrik Larsson, should have stayed in retirement. Hes gonna regret this comeback i feel.
Whoops! He's underrated, always thought he'd get some goals, even though they've just been against Bulgaria.


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he looked right at home though. hes gonna find it a bit tougher against Cannavaro and Nesta though....


World Traveller
And Massimo Oddo.

Alessandro Nesta IMO is the best defender in the world, and Sweden will definatly not be getting any gifts by the Italian defence. And even if they did, Italy have the best keeper in the world in Gianliugi Buffon, and then execellent deputy in Francesco Toldo.

Toldo would IMO be first choice for any other country except Italy, and that is including Spain, Germany and Holland (Toldo being 1st choice).

Ok I might be a little bit biased to Inter. Then again I have given praises to Buffon and Nesta and I don't excatly like Juventus or AC Milan.


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luckyeddie said:
3 match ban for Totti.

Maybe he'll keep his bodily fluids to himself from now on.
Then Antinio Cassano will play IMO.

Now the world will see how good he is.


International Captain
broncoman said:
yeh will be interesting to see how he goes..
Well... if he's anything like the annoying little ***** is on CM we should have a winner.

But seriously I'v eheard good things about Cassano on Serie A reports and the like.
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International Debutant
Portugal's 5 man midfield has done next to nothing for Pauleta thus far in the Euros. In the game againt Greece he got about 5 touches and everytime was closed down by the two centre backs.

I never thought i would hear Larsson and flop in the one sentence :mellow: