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'World Cup 2011' Draft


International Captain
You're ****, and you know you are....

Seriously guys, how did you manage to do worse than my selections & FotW's Dhoni?
LOL, yeah thought we would finish much higher tbh.

Our team performed well but average/decent performances were not enough to rake in too many points. The bowlers would get one or two wickets while the batsmen would just score 50's mostly. That simply wasn't enough to push us up the table.

An injury to Broad wasn't ideal and losing Baugh before the tournament was a bit of a blow. If there was a prize for most number of thirties scored, Guptill would win it. Surprisingly poor performances by Pathan, Botha and Bravo didn't help matters either. Anyways, no excuses, the players should have pulled up their socks and done better. Tendulkar probably saved us some blushes tbh.

Well played by marcFAN, good team on paper and they delivered the goods in the end.

Blaze 18

Yeah, congrats to MarcFan. A truly comprehensive win - the difference between them and the runners-up is almost the same as the difference in points between the runners-up and the seventh team! :laugh:


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Congrats to our fine winners. And to kk, for running this thing. And to Sreesanth, for being just one game away from his amazing comeback.


Cricketer Of The Year
According to this , MOTS award = 200 points. I believe that increases our tally to 6000 (doesn't make a different to our standing though).

1) NUFAN & marc71178 8168 (India)
2) G.I.Joe & marcussjd9 6669 (Sri Lanka)
3) Michaelf7777777 & Contra 6214 (Pakistan)
4) Smalishah and Blaze 6000 (New Zealand)
5) Howe_zat & Teja 5529 (South Africa)
6) M0rphin3 & weldone 5401 (Australia)
7) HeathDavisSpeed & Flyonthewall 5186 (England)
8) KingKallis 5123 (West Indies)
9) morgeib & Himannv 4570 (Bangladesh)
10)Somerset & centurymaker 4273 (Ireland)
11)weeman27bob & Cevno 4041 (Zimbabwe)
Points of McKay missing from my team.