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Who will be victim 600?


World Traveller
Unless something unexpected happens (ie getting injured early on or it rains) Shane Warne will get his 600th Test wicket at Old Trafford on Thursday or Friday (depending when England bat).

For me it is Michael Vaughan.

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
There were odds in the Courier Mail on Monday, and SportsBet have Bell as the favourite.

I wonder how much money you could have had on Trescothick being the 500-600 double at the start of the series?


U19 Debutant
Diz and Kasper's return to form will mean Warney won't get a bowl this Test. And they will continue this sparkling form for the rest of their careers. The only way Warney could get another wicket is if he opens the bowling, which may happen on an Indian pitch knowing the way they like to doctor them against us these days.

Pedro Delgado

International Debutant
Another vote for Strauss, after a blistering opening onslaught forcing Ponting to chuck the ball to his talisman. Again.

AJ Strauss c and b Warne 42


Cricket Spectator
Bell or Strauss would be the logical choice. But I'd prefer if it was Flintoff or Jones because it would mean Kasper and Dizzy have finally ripped up a top order on this tour!

Or they could have 400 runs on the board before Warnie finally gets one of em. :ph34r: