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Which Indian players were unlucky not be given a consistent chance?


Cricket Spectator
Who were the unlucky Indian players not to be given a consistent chance or more chances in the Indian odi and test team?

I can think of Ramesh, Bharadwaj, M Kartick and some pacers like Balaji, Kumaran, Harvinder Singh and I Pathan.

About 90% of these players were brought in the team from 98-2002.
D Gandhi
S Ramesh
J Martin
R Sodhi
Dhahiya (w/k)
V Bharadwaj-off spin

Harvinder Singh-pace
R Gavaskar
M Prasad(w/k)
Kapoor (played in 96 wc)
VRV Singh-pace
I Pathan-pace
R Powar
N Chopra-off spin
A Khurunishya (Picked for 99 wc)
S Sriram
Joshi-left arm spin
M Kartick-left arm spin
A Bhandari (played in asia cup 2000/sharjah series 2000)
RP Singh-pace
Bahuttle-leg spin
Dighe (w/k)
Saba Karim (w/k)
Wasim Jaffer
Venugopal Rao
Uthappa (played in a handful of odi's)
S Banger

All 6 wicketkeepers also played in that 98-2002 region.
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Cricket Spectator
You could also ask why did India despite the number of people and teams associated, had so many duds playing for that 1998-2002 period.


Cricket Spectator
Kambli was given a decent run, he was left out I think in 97-99. He made a comeback for 2 series in 2000, but did not take the opportunity and side-lined for the 1999 world cup.


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
Politics was a huge factor which player was selected and from which zone back in the day. Why did Vikram Rathore get so many chances while some others didn't?


Cricket, Lovely Cricket
I remember Samir Dighe played in an exhibition game v Pakistan and had 2-3 wonderful dismissals including a stumping. Could bat a bit too.


International Regular
Muzumber never got a chance to play one test or odi. That's very harsh and his stats, reputation backs him up.
It is so difficult to crack into the Indian team for middle-order players who do not bowl . They are usually met with unfair treatment while the Indian team is always full of top-order players being moved to middle-order.

What happened to Muzumdar is happening to Surya Yadav right now. I remember few other middle order players like S Sharath, Mithun Manhas, Devendra Bundela and Sitanshu Kotak who also never got a chance for a single match but kept churning out big runs for the state. I think Badrinath played one test but could have got a little more chances.


Hall of Fame Member
I feel like Pathan 100% had the chance to be India's second best all-rounder after Dev.

He nearly got a century and a hatrick in the same series