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What is Your signature cricketing shot?


Hall of Fame Member
Open the face of the bat and runs down to the boundry? :blink: :blink: Doesn't sound like a cover drive


Cricketer Of The Year
Mine would have to be the cut shot forward of square. Last season I also developed a good hook and pull, two shots I had never used befor in my life.


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mine is the play and miss :p

naa honestly, probably the pull shot, i get a high percentage of runs from waiting on the short one...


International 12th Man
I'm an off-side bully... either a cover-drive or a cut, mainly because I 'use my feet well', if you choose to listen to my coach.


Hall of Fame Member
I was always much stronger on the leg side. Leg glances, pulls and on drives. Pretty much useless on the off, so I wound up leaving everything outside off that wasn't drivable.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Haven't played in months, but I favour the straight drive. I play almost everything full down the ground. I then find myself overbalancing at times to wide half volleys, unless I've been in for a while. Only recently have I mastered legside play (back when I actually played).


International Captain
My signature shot is the pull.
I am a dogged batsman and very 'unindian' in that sense - i am pretty competent against pace/seam but i am worse than practically every indian i've met when it comes to playing spin...maybe because i got no clue about reading a spinner from his hand and i play off the pitch....
i dont think i have an offside/legside preference but there are some shots that i simply cannot play even if my cousin sis is bowling on double bounce : Cut, steer, leg glance, flick.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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I've only ever faced one quality spinner. He's a left-arm seamer by trade, but I'm trying to persuade him to switch to chinaman, because he's amazing on the odd occasion that he's tried it. He gets the ball to turn in Murali-esque fashion. The first time I faced him, it was on a concrete surface, so I prodded my pad out to a ball that pitch a good 1.5 feet outside my offstump with him bowling from over the wicket. The ball spun back and took legstump. This from someone who had bowled left-arm chinaman literally once before.


International Debutant
I love to play the lofted drives, off or leg side. when the ball is short, the cut or the pull.


International Vice-Captain
On drive...I have a preference for the on side, and no real preference for spin or pace. Leg-spin sometimes causes me a few problems though.


International Regular
Anything on the pads is easy runs but for me my signature shot would have to be the lofted off drive. I have broken two bowlers wrists/arms playing that shot.


International Regular
Smashed it straight back at their head whilst they were in their follow through. Came right of the middle of the bat both times and on both occasions the bowler was far too slow in the catch attempt, a sickening thud/snap and a richoche off the bowlers arms for a single. Yeh im not too proud of it really, cause the bowler s looked in a lot of pain and i took a single as well. These were both of opening bowlers, nothing like hitting a bowler straight back over their head for 4.