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What Brand of Bat Do you Use and Why?


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A topic in 'Off Topic' prompted this and I thought it might bring about some interesting discussion about why people use heavier/lighter bats and why they might use different styes of bats (scoop, heavy at the bottom etc.)

Personally I use two of my bats regularly:

Slazenger V600

I bought this because he just picked up SO nicely and I figured I needed a lighter bat (my 'other' bat is a Gray-Nicholls Titan and weighs in at 3lbs 5oz!) because I tend to use my wrists more than my arms these days and trying to be a wristy player with that heavy a bat was just too difficult. It has quite a large 'sweet-spot' area and with the weight evenly distributed, I can flick my wrists at short deliveries outside off-stump a little better.

I also find that the wristy flicks in the air off my hip and to fuller deliveries come easier with this bat so if a bowler strays onto leg-stump, I can flick them over square-leg for four or six much easier than when I used the GN.

MRF Conquerer: Steve Waugh signature bat

Ooooo, baby! This is my new bat and whilst I'm still fully knocking it in, man is it a treat to bat with. It's the same weight as the Slazenger but 'feels' much lighter, especially for the wristy stuff, which is surprising considering it's weighted quite differently (the weight is almost entirely at the bottom of the bat).

With this one, playing off the back-foot through cover and front-foot drives in general have never been easier but if you need to take the long-handle to someone, it's definately a slogger's bat. Easily the BEST bat I've ever used, though I'm not a fan of all the massive stickers MRF put on the bat.

Some other bats I've tried and liked include the Hunts County bats (especially the one with the honey-comb scoop thing) as they're evenly weighted and very light. The Kookaburra Kahunas are also very nice.

One negative is the Gray-Nicholls range. I've had a go with all of their range and I wouldn't buy a single one for two reasons:

1) Prices are too high for what they're worth.
2) The bats don't seem to 'pick-up' very well at all. The way they're cut seems to make them more difficult to swing, especially in the mid-priced bats.
3) Protective coating. I don't care what they say; those bats just aren't 'ready to use' at all. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that the coating kills the spring of the bat somewhat.

I used to love GN and I hope they change their range a little in the seasons to come.

In general, I prefer bats with the weight more to the bottom, especially those with the big 'Indian curve' in them. It helps in getting underneath the ball I think and bats weighted like that just seem to swing-through in a more even way, hence increasing bat-speed, power and timing, especially when you just push at the ball rather than take a full-blooded swing at it.

So what does everyone else use and why?


International Captain
Kookaburra Gold Crown, Nice and Chunky with a lot of power, pretty light weight, nice middle when knocked in, and plus when i picked it up it fit me perfectly.


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ive always used gray nicholls, but i take stickers off my bats usualy. my new bat is an AS from pakistan


State Vice-Captain
Gunn and Moore Purist Original - Quite heavy but really well balanced. Great for front foot driving and cut shots.

Presently getting a new bat. It is a New Zealand made one. Make is Lancer and Wood(don't know if this is how u spell it)


Cricketer Of The Year
I use a Slazenger V800.

At first i bought it because of the name, but now I really find that Slazenger make good bats.

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Doesn't matter... it's not like I'm going to score any runs.. :)

I have a Duncan Fearnley GT500. It's older than me, and I've only found the middle once, and that was in nets, and it went miles back over the bowler's head...


Cricketer Of The Year
Slazenger V100: big heavy bat, got it when I was 13 but only started using is with any success 3 years ago when I got strong enough to use it. Get the ball in the middle of the bat when playing a drive and it goes for 4, lofted drive or big hit it goes for 6!

Gray-Nichols Scmitar: lightish and nicely weighted bat, very good for playing off your legs and square of the wicket shots. Lacks some of the beef of the Slaz in straight shots though. Never had as much success with the Scmitar as I have with the Slaz.


State Vice-Captain
I use light bats, althought not many shots I play are power dependant. But I do like to play the cut and drive through the onside.

I have a CA gold and IHSAN tournament Imran signature bat. I like the Ihsan one far mroe because I have been able to time the shots better with this bat then any else.


My Stewart Surridge Classic was promoted by Lance Klusener during the world cup, and all those runs told me to get it i suppose! Anyway it has a beautiful middle, really powerful bat, but is a bit ungainly so no wristy flicks! Definitely a power players bat. It has started to crack up the toe so I have bought a
Bellingham and Smith Fireblade. Beautiful bat, and the pickup is amazing, I can now place the ball instead of biffing it about! The middle is not quite so nice, but i think i havent knocked it in enough...


International Debutant
Tamara said:
Gunn and Moore Purist Original - Quite heavy but really well balanced. Great for front foot driving and cut shots.

Presently getting a new bat. It is a New Zealand made one. Make is Lancer and Wood(don't know if this is how u spell it)
Tamara thats another bloody shocker mate!
Laver and Wood... you were almost close and i am also getting one of them. they are beautiful... :saint:


mmmmmmm.... handcrafted bats... they make them especially to suit your needs. i am gonna get a quite expensive one NZ$599, cos mum is pying up to the value of the cheaper one at $365.

i hate my GN Millenium its a piece of ****! it has put me right off GN who i used to love cos i had a great excalibur when i was 14.


Cricketer Of The Year
Sheesh my 2 bats cost a grand total of £65! Well they both work well so sod paying loads of money :D

I've never been able to flick well with the Slaz though.


International Debutant
just ordered my new bat five minutes ago... the anticipation is killing me already


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age_master said:
kookabura ridgeback punter

nice, wel balances, and powerful, when you hit of the meet the ball flies
i hate kookabura bats, they have no meat and are too heavy for what they are.


International Regular
I am currently using a Gray Nicholls Razor. Not exactly the most famous bat but it just has a lovely pickup. As soon as i lifted it up I was sold. It's weight is so evenly distributed.

I used to use Gunn and Moore alot but they broke often on me.

I tried a Puma but they all broke and were useless bats.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
BAS Vampire.
Chunky at the bottom and curved just like any other indian bat. it suits me so well that i buy one every 3 months (that is how long i can keep a bat intact).


Cricketer Of The Year
I've had my Slaz V100 for around 7 years...it's still going strong! That bat just has some real beef in it!