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What are the best moments in the world of cricket history?


Cricket Spectator
Sharing with loads of memories, some of the 'best moments in the world of cricket history'. Cricket is not only a game in India but it is a religion to be worshipped and felt.

1. 1983 World Cup Champion, Lord- led by Kapil Dev and company.

2. World Championship of Cricket, 1985- remain un-defeated and beaten their arch rival Pakistan, in final.

3. Natwest Trophy final, 2002- Trophy won by Ganguly led India with memorable Ganguly shirt flying scene.

4. 2007 World T20, Johannesburg- Indian team, under the leadership of Dhoni won the inaugural World T20 in South Africa against mighty Pakistan.

5. 2011 World Cup, Mumbai- Dhoni's Team India lifted the memorable World Cup after 28 years.

6. Champions Trophy, 2013- Defeated host England by 5 runs to lift the Champions Trophy like real champions.



Cricket Spectator
The 2003 World Cup where India got utterly humiliated in the final was a good one.
That helped them to become World Cricket champions in 2007, 2011 and 2013.
That's the beauty of sports and passion for cricket, always remembered and cherished with love!


Hall of Fame Member
That helped them to become World Cricket champions in 2007, 2011 and 2013.
That's the beauty of sports and passion for cricket, always remembered and cherished with love!
I think a lot of things happened during that period from 2003 to 2007. A new format of the game was introduced at the international stage.
Even in the same year that they won the inaugural T20 WC, they had an early exit at the ODI WC...


Whatever it takes!!!
Yeah but the latter happened before the former. There is a definite link to the T20 boom with the 2007 WT20 win by India. IIRC, BCCI did not plan on having a competition like IPL ( or maybe it was proposed but not taken seriously) but it kicked off a whole spate of things where they came down even harder on that ICL and the cricket world really was never the same since. The T20 gun for hire became a real career for so many.


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The Inaugural Stanford 2020 competition was great for our country...Narsingh Deonarine hitting Badree for 6 to end the match. Memories.


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So yeah OP if you want serious/positive responses on this forum, starting a thread entitled 'best moments in world cricket history' that immediately turns into 'best moment in Indian LOI cricket history' is not the way to do it.


Whatever it takes!!!
You can always change the thread title for dasabhi. Plus, its not a crime to list one's own best memories like this, I don't think OP stopped others stating their team's greatest moments in here, did they?


So yeah OP if you want serious/positive responses on this forum, starting a thread entitled 'best moments in world cricket history' that immediately turns into 'best moment in Indian LOI cricket history' is not the way to do it.
Maybe posting it in the right forum would also help.

Victor Ian

International Captain
Serious answer here.

The first ever test.
Each countries admission and the readmission of South Africa.
That test in melbourne where it rained for three days, so they played a one day game.
Bradman out for a duck in his last test.


International Captain
not a bad OP at all... its not a crime to make that list... and seems to be a nice guy... welcome to the forum, mate...

if you are actually talking about the history of cricket... here is my top 15

1. WG Grace led England ticks off Australia's Fred Spofforth with their gamesmanship. He says "This thing can be done" and bowls out the English team. "Ashes" is born. 1882
2. 20 years later... a cliff hanger at Manchester. The match filled with drama ends in a three run victory for the visitors. 1902
3. Don Bradman wins the heart of the English. The summer of 1930
4. "The invincibles" complete a long tour England undefeated. 1948
5. The greatest series of all time takes place down under. Worrel and Benaud save test cricket. Aussie summer of 1960-61
6. Sobers shows the whole world how it is done. The magic of the great allrounder. England. 1966
7. Dennis Lillee bowls out Viv Richards out and runs towards the pavilion straight. 1981
8. Botham produces magic through the whole English summer of 1981
9. With a plastered arm Malcolm Marshall bowls out England. 1984
10. Viv Richards scores the fastest hundred in tests. 1986
11. Warne bowls the magic ball. 1993
12. Lara breaks the record of Gary Sobers. 1994
13. Tendulkar battles Akram, Waqar and Saqlain and back spasms in a valiant knock on the last day of an india pak test match taking place after ten years. match ends in defeat for the home team. but the crowd cheers the victory lap of the Pakistanis. 1998
14. the classic India Australia series and the famous Laxman Dravid partnership. 2001
15. The Ashes of 2005
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likes this
The first ever Test and the first ever Test Win for all countries are pretty big moments

Kenya qualifying for the WC Semi Final in 2003 is historical, as it's the furthest an Associate has ever gone in a World Cup

Bangladesh beating Australia in 2005 before the Ashes was a great moment too

Hong Kong upsetting Bangladesh in the 2014 T20 WC is legendary.

Ireland's crazy runchase against England in the 2011 WC, and KOing Pakistan in the 2007 WC, both great moments as well.

Moving into some less result-oriented history, the Tangiwai Boxing Day Test from 1953 is a great story

Line and Length

International Debutant
When South Africa was banned from international cricket because of the country's apartheid policy, the team's two lucrative tours to England in 1970 and to Australia in 1971–72 were cancelled. The cricket authorities responded by forming Rest of the World teams to play unofficial Test series in lieu and these teams included some leading South African players. Garfield Sobers was invited to captain the Rest of the World in both series. It was in these series that two great moments in cricket history occurred - and both were due to Sobers.

In the First Unofficial Test at Lords Sobers took 6 for 21 swinging and seaming the ball at good pace. He then scored a magnificent 183 and then helped bowl England out a second time using his left-arm wrist spin. Truly a great all-rounder and an historic moment.

Then, in 1972, in the Third Unofficial Test against Australia in Melbourne Sobers played an innings of 254 which was described by Dom Bradman as "probably the greatest exhibition of batting ever seen in Australia".


Cricketer Of The Year
Although it really isn't spoken about all that much, South Africa in 1935 becoming only the second nation to defeat England in England is quite significant. And of course, the famous West Indian triumph in 1950.


State Vice-Captain
I consider 'moment' to be an actual delivery or passage of play. Here are mine since the 90s that are truly defining:

- Akram's 2-in-2 in the 92 World Cup final.

- Warne's Gatting bowl in 1993

- Lara breaking Sobers' record was a major moment

- Steve Waugh's showdown with Ambrose in 1995

- Tendulkar launches his assault on Warne in Chennai in 1998

- Donald's standoff with Atherton in 1998

- The Chennai crowd's standing ovation for Pakistan in 99

- Hard to call it a moment, but Laxmans and Dravid's 4th day partnership that changed the course of the 2001 Australia-India series

- Flintoff shakes hands with Brett Lee was the moment of the 2005 Ashes, or perhaps his over to Ponting.

- Misbah's scoop to end the 2007 20/20 World Cup

- The last ball of the 2019 World Cup

- Ending at the 3rd Ashes 2019 test
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