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World Traveller
How tough is this event?

It is the one event were your body must go through absolute hell on your knees and back in lifting the weights off the ground, and you treat your body with no respect with regards to food, you eat anything and everything you can fit into yourself.


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most of em are on drugs anyway, half of them went home when they announced they were doing across the board testing. Its a shame for the ones that are clean that this sport gets such a bad wrap, but its just un natural for humans to lift objects twice their body weight.....


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he was the only one i saw, im telling u now hes not on drugs, hes on 50 big macs a day!


Cricketer Of The Year
He is not an athelete, He is FAT!!!!

Its crazy...
couldn't run outta sight on a dark night...


World Traveller
Apparently he he even had a Iranian bank branch (If that sounds right) named after him, so you can see that he is a sporting super star in Iran.


Cricket Spectator
Contrary to what most people think, weightlifting is an athlete's sport. :)
The most crucial being the strength of the back , rather than arms or legs.

I really enjoyed the battle between Halil Mutlu the great and Wu Meijin.


International Debutant
Um....this forum is still open and JollyWood was completely within his/her rights to post.