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Week 22: Roland Garros Qualifying

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
No need for anyone to say in or out or whatever, I'm just putting up the Entry List as it stands (a lot of these guys will be withdrawals).

PTA Ranking Points
W: 2000
F: 1200
SF: 720
QF: 360
R16: 180
R32: 90
R64: 45
R128: 10 (WC: 0)
Q: +25
Q32: 14
Q64: 8
Q128: 0

Entry deadline: April 12, II
Seeding: May 17, II

1 Hall, Jason USA 1
2 Blanco, Daniel Páez ESP 2
3 Špidlá, Radek CZE 3
4 Oxenstierna, Sven FRC 4
5 Cowan, Darcy USA 5
6 Boros, József HUN 6
7 Olesen, Rasmus DEN 7
8 Drake, Jefferson CDR 8
9 Daneu, Radivoj SRB 9
10 Altman, Illya UKR 10
11 Moreno, Juan ARG 11
12 Murdoch, Dwayne USA 12
13 Charles, Henry GBR 13
14 Brdar, Miroslav CRO 14
15 Smeltz, Randy CDR 15

16 Varga, Zoltán HUN 16
17 Stewart, Oneil JAM 17
18 Henson, Rick USA 18
19 Amato, Carlo ITA 19
20 Micic, Danijel SRB 20
21 Hurtado, Diego COL 21
22 Pascaul, Patrick FRA 22
23 Mustard, Jojo FRC 23
24 Kennedy, Davis CAN 24
25 Emelio, Sanchez ESP 25
26 Zhijun, Sun CHN 26
27 Bachunelli, Antonio ITA 27
28 Benaglio, Almen SUI 28
29 Haas, Becker GER 29
30 Carter, Morgan USA 30
31 Matias, Tiago POR 31
32 Joaquin, Sergio ESP 32
33 Davis, Heath FRC 33

34 Vollan, Kim NOR 34
35 Cohen, Tal ISR 35
36 Champion, David AUS 36
37 Hancianu, Jamee CDR 37
38 Genov, Ivan BUL 38
39 Bradley, Jason USA 39
40 Li, Wang CHN 40
41 L'Estrange, Pierre FRA 41
42 Donaldson, Bjorn SWE 42
43 Andueza, Ion ESP 43
44 Varga, János HUN 44
45 Brookes, Toby AUS 45
46 Vollan, Tom NOR 46
47 Vuriak, Viktor UKR 47
48 Delev, Spas CDR 48
49 Villaneuva, Javier ESP 49
50 Depuis, Jean-Alain FRA 50
51 Orlov, Dmitry RUS 51
52 Rivers, Scotland FRC 52
53 Boyd, Wayne USA 53
54 Sae-ul, Atthaphol THA 54
55 Midid, Nilikar CRO 55
56 Parmentier, Yves BEL 56
57 Gorshkov, Gregor RUS 57
58 Maxum, Jarkko CDR 58
59 Buur, Kasper DEN 59
60 Mandonna, Paolo ARG 60
61 Schmidt, Pascal SUI 61
62 Carretero, Marc ESP 62
63 Denisov, Boris RUS 63
64 Engel, Oliver LUX 64
65 Brozik, Petr CZE 65
66 Peters, Alex GER 66
67 Isaev, Denis BLR 67
68 Emsis, Ivars LAT 68
69 Genghini, Jean-Christophe FRA 69
70 Bowenburg, Rob FRC 70
71 Hainisch, Heinz AUT 71
72 Li, Ming-Wang CHN 72
73 Färkkilä, Lari FIN 73
74 Cesljar, Ivan CRO 74
75 Santos, Roberto BRA 75
76 Harmel, Mark BEL 76
77 Quezada, Jefferson CHL 77
78 Berg, Maarten NED 78
79 Fok, Zhenyu CHN 79
80 Aksu, Emrem TUR 80
81 Day, Julian USA 81
82 Bre, Matt CDR 82
83 Navarro, José PER 83
84 Maurer, Bogdan ROU 84
85 Dorogan, Roman UKR 85
86 Marín, Aldo PAR 86
87 Read, Brett FRC 87
88 Rodrigues, Dênis BRA 88
89 James, Hugh USA 89
90 Doh, Ninteh JPN 90
91 Boniek, Zbiginiew AUT 91
92 Henrikkson, Henrikk SWE 92
93 Juraev, Anvar UZB 93
94 Ortiz, Johan COL 94
95 Aguero, Fernando ESP 95
96 Morkel, Haiku NOR 96
97 Highsmith, Oscar GBR 97
98 Bertolotto, Miguel ARG 98
99 De Kinsele, Michael ITA 99
100 Durand, Christopher FRA 100
101 Reiter, Martin AUT 101
102 Cobos, Emelio ARG 102
103 Machado, Carlos BRA 103
104 Jones, Waylon USA 104
105 (Q)
106 (Q)
107 (Q)
108 (Q)
109 (Q)
110 (Q)
111 (Q)
112 (Q)
113 (Q)
114 (Q)
115 (Q)
116 (Q)
117 (Q)
118 (Q)
119 (Q)
120 (Q)
121 (WC)
122 (WC)
123 (WC)
124 (WC)
125 (WC)
126 (WC)
127 (WC) Thompson, Harry AUS (TA)
128 (WC) Langley, Rick FRC (CWC)

1. Lazzeri, Sam USA
2. Heug, Gunther GER
3. Zeman, Václav CZE
4. Zakov, Yordan BUL
5. Menon, Felipe BRA
6. Cordiero, Valter POR
7. Tadić, Adem CRO
8. Korpinen, Martti CDR
9. Bruce, Randy USA
10. Pushkov, Yevgeny RUS
11. Murray, Adam AUS
12. Henson, Eric USA
13. Gryzlov, Vladimir RUS
14. Onwye, Ross MAR
15. Dinov, Gjorgji MKD
The independent CW Tennis Watchdog made the decision to award the discretionary wildcard to West CWLand's Rick Langley due to his recent good form. Roy Daniels was subsequently quoted as saying "I'm gonna firebomb those ****s", but we can't substantiate that yet.
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Roland Garros II - Men's Singles Qualifying
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SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Yet another bit of institutional embarassment for the West - Read was already in the main draw. Langley gets the wildcard.

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Apologies in advance for this first page which over the coming weeks is going to turn into one great big picture dump.

Roland Garros Qualifying preview - the active CWLanders

  • Randy Banks: His third seed is a sign of how far he's come, and he's been given a fairly generous qualifying section. British teenager Michael Posinović should pose no threat early, but Christian Mary is a more difficult prospect in the second round of qualifying. Evgeny Volkoff his likely qualifying round opponent. Chances: Good, provided he avoids a scare against Mary. His clay ability is questionable.

  • Marcuss Deane: Seeded four, the teen will be looking to become the youngest player in the main draw. His chances are good, really, with a managable draw. Unlike Banks he has clay form to back up his campaign. Chances: Very good. He's still young and has played a lot of tennis lately, but he is a truly exciting prospect and there's not a lot of guns in his section.

  • Julian Clipton-Marshall: JCM received a wildcard in dodgy circumstances, and I'm really not sure what to make of him on this surface (or any for that matter). World No. 244 Guilliano Soave is winnable first up, but he's drawn a really tough section with the likes of Mario Timko, Jaime Barral and Taavi Aleksejev. Chances: Unlikely, but who knows with these CWLand guys? JCM is a self-professed serve and volleyer and I can't see it working on this surface against this opposition.

  • Pierre Rose: Ouch - he's drawn the best player in the draw in the second round of qualifying and a former top twenty player. He's a real shot of beating Max Eisenhauer in the first round, but Maarten Berg on clay is a tough prospect for any player let alone a World No. 205 out of match practice and without solid clay results. Chances: Needs a miracle, really. Berg can drop matches he should win, but there's some good points on offer here and I don't think he'll surrender them.

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year

I must admit there's a few players I've wanted to see do well based on the name fakenamegenerator has thrown out. Bartlett Babin and Wyatt LeRoux are two of those.

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Roland Garros II - Men's Singles Qualifying
Grand Slam - Tuesday (1st Qualifying Round) - Paris, France - Clay (Red)

  • Pierre Rose has picked up a dramatic three-set win to advance to the second round of qualifying in Paris. Rose came from a set down and saved three match points in the third set to edge past Max Eisenhauer in an extremely tight affair. A see-sawing contest was level at 6-6 in the third set after Rose had bravely fought off three opportunities for Eisenhauer to win, and the West CWLander earned what would be a decisive break of serve. The German needed to break back immediately but could not do it as a near three-hour affair finally came to an end with Rose a 6-7(6), 6-4, 8-6 winner. He now meets Chile's Alex Rojas who beat 33rd seed Pat Hewitt 6-3, 6-4.

  • Randy Banks was untroubled in his opening match as the third seed trounced Michael Posinović in straight sets. The West CWLander played a convincing match as he outgunned the promising British youngster in a 6-1, 6-4 win. He plays Christian Mary next which is sure to be a tougher matchup.

  • Marcuss Deane likewise took a confident win as he beat Italy's Evans Russo in straight sets. Deane was irresistable early as he dominated the Italian, but was given a better hit out in the second as Russo produced an improved serving performance to take it to a tiebreaker. In a close set, Deane took the breaker and the match 6-0, 7-6(5) to book a second round clash with Vladimir Stakhanov who beat Frank Smith 6-0, 4-6, 7-5.

  • Finally, Julian Clipton-Marshall produced a thoroughly impressive win against Italy's Guilliano Soave. Repaying the faith of the French Open organisers to give him a qualifying wildcard, JCM had too much power and guile for Soave in his destructive 6-1, 6-4 win. He's not a classical clay courter, but he will get to play again tomorrow as he meets Taavi Aleksejev of Estonia. The 27th seed came back from a bad start to beat Miguel Molina 2-6, 6-3, 9-7.

  • Finally, 21st seed Ishan Narang made a winning start but was taken the distance by Swede Patrik Boman. Narang played solid tennis but was far from his best in the 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 win, but he plays Jason Schmidt next who was a 6-7(5), 6-4, 8-6 winner in a draining matchup.

  • Other CWLand winners included Jason Lawley (b Vilkki 60 61); Phoenix Wleft (b Nesterov 26 61 97) and David Briggs (b Gonzá 63 06 64).
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SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
and yes I made a mistake in putting Maarten Berg in here. He's already made the cut for Roland Garros and is playing Nice. ****

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Haha **** no. I just whacked an alternate in there because no one is ranked high enough to be top seed that isn't already in the main RG draw.

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Roland Garros II - Men's Singles Qualifying
Grand Slam - Wednesday (2nd Qualifying Round) - Paris, France - Clay (Red)

  • Fourth seed Marcuss Deane is a win away from a main draw appearance at Roland Garros after an impressive win over East CWLand's Vladimir Stakhanov. In an all-CWLand clash, Stakhanov put up a brave fight against Deane as he let fly with some impressive power from the back of the court but was continually thwarted by the calmness of Deane under pressure. Despite both sets being tight, Deane was the superior player in the clutch moments and secured a well-deserved 7-5, 7-5 victory with his sixth ace of the match. He now plays 28th seed Renato Varas who won his match with Marc Lubbers 3-6, 6-2, 8-6.

  • Randy Banks continues to have the sum total of no trouble winning matches as he putting a hurtin' on Christian Mary. The third seed was dynamic as he replicated his first round scoreline against improved opposition with some impressive hitting from the back of the court. In fairness, Mary played some awful tennis for the most part compounded by an ankle injury mid-way through the second set. He stuck it out, but the damage was done as Banks won 6-1, 6-4. He plays Poland's Radaslaw Marzec who thrashed Aussie Thomas Cartwright 6-0, 6-0.

  • Wildcard Julian Clipton-Marshall's qualifying campaign has come to an end as he fell to Estonian 27th seed Taavi Aleksejev. It was a tough start for JCM who dropped the first set 3-6 on the back of two service breaks for Aleksejev. But the second set was an improved performance and at one stage he even had a set point. Aleksejev, though, was too polished and flourished on the clay as he earned a well-deserved rest tomorrow before Friday's qualifying round with a 6-3, 7-6(2) win.

  • Finally, marathon man Pierre Rose is just a win away from a French Open berth after a tight three-setter against Alex Rojas of Chile. After a bruising three hour encounter with Max Eisenhauer yesterday, one could be forgiven for expecting Rose would be far less fresh than his Chilean opponent. But in an amazing performance, the West CWLander came from a back down twice in the third and final set to pull of a heroic 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 win in a match that lasted two hours and thirty-three minutes. His fate is decided on Friday against Sweden's Linus Petrus who came from a set down to oust seventeenth seed Jiří Gross.

SirBloody Idiot

Cricketer Of The Year
Roland Garros II - Men's Singles Qualifying
Grand Slam - Thursday (2nd Qualifying Round) - Paris, France - Clay (Red)

  • Jason Lawley has won through to the qualifying round with a hard fought three-set win over 29th seed Paul Arroyo. The West CWLander has the perfect opportunity to make the main draw next week after a 6-2, 4-6, 6-3 win over the Colombian. Lawley won his first round match dropping just one game, but the World No. 160 provided stiffer opposition. But Lawley was too good in the end with some fine returning in the third set, and now meets local wildcard Eric David for a spot in the main draw. The World No. 263 dropped the second set 0-6, but beat Xabier Jiménez 6-3, 0-6, 6-4.

  • Phoenix Wleft came from a set down to move into the last 32 with a 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 win over the Netherlands' Ronald Bergsma. Having come from a set down to beat Ilja Nesterov in a nailbiting display earlier in the week, Wleft did it again and more convincingly this time against the World No. 249. He meets eleventh seed Oleg Puder next.

  • There was also a victory for Westerner David Briggs as he outgunned Piotr Bak of Poland. The World No. 237 hasn't played much tennis on the pro tour, but showed why he is a great prospect for the West with a 6-4, 6-3 domination from the back of the court. He has American Brian "Butch" Miller next after Butch beat a South African 6-3, 6-1.

  • Finally, 21st seed Ishan Narang proved too good for Jason Schmidt in a 6-4, 6-2 win. The American was no match for the powerful East CWLand signing as the enigmatic Narang crushed Schmidt inside of two hours. It was a welcome easy win after he was pushed to the limit by Patrik Boman earlier in the week, and he now moves to a qualifying shootout with World No. 193 Orazio Rizzo who beat Jesse Adams 6-4, 6-3.