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Wcc Managers Rules & Responsibilities


Cricketer Of The Year
OK recently the forum has got a bit heated, words have been said and its not looking good for the WCC...

We have been given free space on this site from Cricketweb and if some people keep abusing it then we will be asked to leave, and that would signal the end of the WCC...

So to counter this i have brought in some rules as Owner of the WCC, Rules which i myself have brought into place without speaking to any of the board members...

These rules are to be followed or the punishments will be enforced..
There will be a zero tolerance policy on this issue, so make sure you read it and understand it....

Any Manager who abuses or makes a derogatory to another manager and a complaint is put forward. The issue will be looked at by the board and if the person is found guilty then a points penalty will be handed down. The penalty will be decided by the board... Also Cricketweb administrators will be informed of your actions...

If you repeat the offence after being found guilty the 1st time you will be immeadiatley banned from WCC, and the relevant information will be forwarded to Cricketweb for you to face their punishment...

Also i wish to inform every member that a member of the board is classified on the same level as myself, so if any person is found to have disrespected a board member they will face immediate dismissal from the WCC..

These Issues are 100% truthful so don't treat them as a joke...
Make sure have fully understood the issues and if you don't, ask me....

This will not stop the fun of a couple of mates ie Paid, Umpire and David etc of having a jibe at one another but this is to stop the serious comments which are starting to creep into the game...



Cricketer Of The Year
Paid its not aimed at you, its a build up of things over the last few months...

Like i said in the original post, The jibes to and fro, from yourself, david and Umpire Money are all in fun, but some people have taken the banter to an all new level which others don't appreciate...
People need to know the limit and if told to stop, then do so...

Also i would like to point out anyone who abuses this system by reporting continuously will also be under investigation...
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Umpire Money

State Vice-Captain
me paid and david always give each other @#$% and shouldnt really be treated in contempt by anyone else really....please...


Cricket Web XI Moderator
same goes in regard to Rich and my brother i hope , if anything negative is said to any of the 2 hopefully rich takes it the nice way :D friendly banter always between us keeps the rivalry going :D

But i dont mean anything if i say something wrong and it usually takes me a second look to realize the mistake what i made, im like that and im sorry but i will watch out for sure


International Captain
Slats4ever said:
better pull my socks up
damn rite u fool! ur always paying ppl out u arrogant prick:P:D:lol:

nah seriously GB, n e shots between muzza, ian, simon and i r just in fun!


Cricketer Of The Year
guys its pretty much to just tell everyone to settle down. remember this is a fun thing and should be fun, we dont want blewy getting to the point where he doesnt enjoy it and then it will die and there will be no wccc so lets play by the rules and enjoy guys.



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i have a to agree goffy, it would be very sad if wcc had to end because some people (myself included at various times) act like 10 years olds. we play here for a bit of fun, so lets keep it fun.


Eyes not spreadsheets
He's leaving all his worldly possessions to me, and I guess we'll co-opt someone onto the committee.

It's no big deal if GB dies ;)


Cricket Web XI Moderator
I think the Job of Ceo deserves to go to Rich!!

Handing marc wccc after gb dies would be like handing a nation like America to Saddam hussain :P:P :D:D:D


Eyes not spreadsheets
I tend to think of WCC as a property of all guided by some, rather than the property of just one person.

I'm only talking about his tangibles.