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U19 Board Positions


Hall of Fame Member
The role of the U19 board:

- manage and select players
- organize tours, which will be subject to approval by the CWBCC
- manage any U19 media
- research opposition touring squads and overseas grounds
- simming matches (not a prerequisite)

Towns was meant to run this application process, but he is lazy SOB. Unless Liam or Hakon have any issues I would like to run the application process for the Under 19 Board. Mind you I would rather Liam and Hakon make the final call.

There are a few restrictions to applications, with no domestic captains are allowed to apply. Also only non U19 players can apply for these positions. There would also be a slight preference for non board members of domestic sides, but that would be on a case by case basis.

The main reasons for these restrictions are to allow players who currently have minimal involvement in the management side of game, to experience a different aspect of game.

I still plan to organise a Youth World Cup this season, depending on the off season schedule. So can all applications be in by 23rd March, a week from now. There are currenty two positions open on the board.

For any interested members, send applications to chaminda_00@hotmail.com.


Hall of Fame Member
Players who are available for selection for U19 matches, which includes the all the players linked, as well as any that have may have signed during the season. I think only Pup_Clake falls into that catergory. As mentioned above it is to do with a conflict of interest. Such is the nature of the U19 board, there is likely to be future oppurtunities for these younger players. As well as potential captaincy and vice captaincy oppurtunities.


Hall of Fame Member
I would worry guys, lets just say the early bird applications have been a couple players who have just finished their time playing U19s. So there will be other chances, if not captaincy oppurtunities down the track. Before someone ask, its unlikely Blake or Zac will get dropped from captaincy this season.


Cricketer Of The Year
cool lets pick the board so we can have a potential tour. im iching to hopefully make my u19's debut if selected.


State Regular
AWTA I'm looking forward to seeing how I perform in 19's now that I've played two dev league seasons of cricket