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Three of the Best


Cricket Web Content Updater
In my short career so far, my best was the Man of the Match performance against bangladesh not too long ago..


International Debutant
1. First memory is of the time when I could actually bat, after I just started out in Season 7, took a while to get going but then I went into a nice little patch with a few half centuries and a couple of MoM awards.
2. Scoring my one and only century in season 8, I think, which is something that looks very much like a one off. :}
3. Probably the OD match for Green in season 9 where I took 4 wickets and then won the match in the final over against the Colts batting with Rose and scored the best 20* of my life.
1. Playing in a tour game for the Colts against the West Indies in the World Cup who were the defending champs at the time and taking 3-45, with the scalps being Ramnaresh Sarwan, Brian Lara and Dwayne Bravo, all cheaply. Probably my favourite moment of all.
2. FINALLY taking a 5 wicket haul, even if it was just 5-18 playing for Texas. But I'd been waiting for a long time so it was nice.
3. The one and only century. Although my run of not outs and half centuries and the end of last season was nice too, mostly from #9.
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International Regular
1/ Making my test debut and taking 9 in the match
2/ Taking 100+ wickets (including the final) in season 12
3/ Every Blue win that i've ever played in :D


1. Becoming captain of Black and rebuilding the side as genuine contenders again, including an OD Trophy.
2. The whole of season 12 as a batsman, showing that I have what it takes to bat anywhere in the lineup in OD.
3. Being given the opportunity to captain the A side, hopefully that goes well.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
1.ODI Debut despite only having played a handful of Dev League Matches
2.Dev League debut for CW Red
3.CW Red winning the FC Final