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Three of the Best


Cricketer Of The Year
My top 2 would be hitting the winning runs in the WC Semi, and my century in the last test under all the pressure with certain people suggesting i should be dropped... it felt great!!!


Cricketer Of The Year
1. Hitting my first FC century (153)
2. Hitting my first OD century
3. Hitting 2 (maybe 3?) consecutive half-centuries in the last games of the OD season to finish top run scorer with 1000 runs (excluding the final.)

Yes. Quite boring. But those are the moments that I remember the best..


State Vice-Captain
1.my debut
2.scoring my first FC ton after returning from injury
3.first stumping


International Debutant
1. scoring my first ODI century
2. scoring my first test 50
3. taking 2/3 titles with black


Cricketer Of The Year
Time to update!

1. Hitting my first FC century
2. Being selected for the CW 'A' squad in my first season
3. Hitting my first OD century

it's been good.. :)

Loony BoB

International Captain
I think I've finally been around long enough to do this, now.

1) CW Colts' first match, playing against CW Red. One of the best matches I've witnessed, with Kyle & Thomas hitting the winning runs..
2) "That" bowling performance by Nick and Greg. CW Blue only needed 98 runs to win the match, but Thomas took 5-55 and Hancock took 5-12 as the Blues were dismissed for 88.
3) Season 8, OD Final, CW Green (who I played for at the time) vs. CW Black (the league winners). I wasn't playing, but Green would overcome the odds after both Loc & Butler scored centuries for Black - Goff would be our sole centurion but contributions in the middle order would see Green through for victory.

Team-mates wise...
1) Jack McNamara's well deserved captaincy role for the maiden U-19 CWXI tour.
2) Shan Jasotharan's 244 off 187.
3) Season 10 - Greg Thomas, Kyle Wright and Nick Hancock. Excellence in FC pace bowling.

Personal achievements...
1) Being selected for the CWXI OD squad and, more specifically, scoring some good 50's in the OD series against England.
2) My maiden FC century during a tour game against an England XI, of which I was captain for a President's XI (or something similar). Although ending in a draw, we finished the game with the upper hand.
3) Hard to pick out a specific innings, but I would say that one of the OD 100's I have would slot in here.


Only one season down, but I'll give it a shot.
1. Maiden FC century. Despite being dropped numerous times past 100, I managed to scrape my way to 171 and finally made some sort of impact in Dev League. Also, I got to spend 234 runs in the middle with the now retired S Jones. We went on to win by an innings and 81 runs.
2. Being selected for the first CW u-19 tour despite a significant lack of experience, and managing to perform and be part of the top run-scorers. I considered it such an honor to play among many of CWland's top players. Putting on 194 in the second youth test with Mamesh and making 81 were definite highlights. Also standing in the field to watch Borcich destroy the Kiwi's for 9 wickets in the first match, and swamping Jack as he took the final wicket with those few runs to spare.
3. Definately my first OD ton. It came late in the season, and despite letting the team down in the end when I should have carried the match home [and us probably in to the OD final], it was still a great achievement in my own eyes.


Global Moderator
1. Colts first win also.
2. Being pluced from "relative obscurity" to captain the U/19 side.
3. Geg Thomas' achievements this year.


International Debutant
1. First memory is of the time when I could actually bat, after I just started out in Season 7, took a while to get going but then I went into a nice little patch with a few half centuries and a couple of MoM awards.
2. Scoring my one and only century in season 8, I think, which is something that looks very much like a one off. :}
3. Probably the OD match for Green in season 9 where I took 4 wickets and then won the match in the final over against the Colts batting with Rose and scored the best 20* of my life.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Not many memories on account of being so mediocre, so:

1. Taking 12 in a match, including 8/72
2. 6* (1) (or maybe opening the batting and outlasting my partner)
3. Greens taking out the trophy in both forms last season


Cricketer Of The Year
1. Playing in the OD Final this season (despite losing, it was a good effort to get there)
2. Being part of one of Red's most successful seasons to date, narrowly missing out on 2 finals' berths
3. Getting to play county cricket for Derbyshire, and making the most of it.


Hall of Fame Member
1. Captaining CW "A" on a successful tour of the West Indies
2. Being in the trophy winning CW Blue team in both forms of the game in Season 10.
3. Scoring my debut century and taking my only five wicket haul in the same game against the Blacks in season 8, and helping Blue come back from a massive deficit in the process.


Hall of Fame Member
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Mr Mxyzptlk

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Kheldar19 said:
Just of interest, when did the CW Xi start using proper names rather than forumnames?
Roughly approximately around Season 8.

Seems like forever though, and not a season too soon either.


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
1. The Colts first FC match. :)
2. Being picked for the Under-19 squad.
3. Defending 98 runs with Nick!


First Class Debutant
1. Making my Test debut against the Windies
2. Playing in the OD Final for the Reds
3. Scoring two hundreds in one game for CW A, against WI A

Hopefully i can add title for the Reds to that soon and a Test Hundred. :)