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Third placed teams


Norwood's on Fire
The aim of the game generally is to win, not to 'not lose'
Conversely the aim of the group stage is to get through

Maybe they should make it four points for a win in three game group stages. Semi-serious way of addressing your issue


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
More than that, the view assumes the intent of the team. A team which "plays to win" might end up with a draw or a loss, and a team "playing not to lose" may end up with a win. The scoreline tells you very little.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
The Americans have double elimination. You get to lose once and you get into a worse position in the bracket.

Football (unlike the Yank games) has kind of agreed as a sport that draws are an option though so they should be rewarded with something

Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
My only problem with a limited number of third placed teams going through is that it's not a level playing field. Teams that finish their groups first are at a disadvantage in that, not only do they have to wait around for a few days just in case, but also the later teams know what they have to do. They started playing the final group games simultaneously to avoid that situation within a group. The only way they could keep it that way is to play every final match in every group at the same time.


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Yeah that's my objection to it too. Although the later groups have much less recovery time before the knockouts.

It's a fudge that I'm basically OK with though. I think this tournament has fully validated the 24-team structure, almost all of the games have been competitive and the group stages have been at least as much fun as in previous Euros. Besides, smaller countries have better fans.
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