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The CW Horse Tipping Comp

cover drive man

International Captain
We have a few tipping games on the forum and I think with the number of racing fans we have (and let's face it, everyone loves a flutter on the Gigis :p) we could do with a racing one. Rules to follow

Anyone up for it?
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Thread to prove massive source of frustration following picking every race and having plenty of CW$ but still zero Real $

In if numbers get up


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Yeah, in.

But I'm not a huge fan of the time you've chosen to start it! I don't have a great relationship with NZ winter tracks. Might have to concentrate on Northern Hemisphere stuff.


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Perhaps Picking a meet and giving a week's notice.

Then all punters bet for the races at that meet - $20 to play with each and bet however you want for that day.

Meets chosen on a rotation basis (like the Draft threads etc)

cover drive man

International Captain
I'm up for Ripper's idea, but I think each player should pick their own meet, saves confusion with us being in different countries.


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Yeah, it's a bit of an ask for me and ripper to have any form of knowledge about the racing at Ffos Las (I only know of that venue thanks to work!) and, by the same token, I wouldn't expect CDM or marc to be on an even playing field when I force everyone to select their winners at the Wyndham harness meeting in Southland...

I know it'll even out, but in the case of meetings on the other side of the world, we might as well be playing bingo (Ed excepted, as he seems to have a worldwide thoroughbred knowledge).

cover drive man

International Captain
The new rules:

-Each week players are funded with 20 CW Dollars to bet on the racing. It's irrelevant whether it's flat, steeplechase, Handicap, class 1, class 5 or even Harness racing. They're all alowed.

-The Nation and Course of the races are also irrelevant.

-Players can then pick a number of horses in either single bets or multiples (yankees, trixies, lucky 15s etc) the total stake of all a player's bets must be at least the $20 they're funded with in the week. You can risk it all on 1 horse or you can spread your bets across different races and horses.

- Both Win and Each way bets are at the tipster's choice.

-Tippers can provide their own odds from one bookies or take the SP from the same bookies which they choose themselves (tote bets are also accepted) Again, there might be confusion with bookies from different countries so a link to their site would be very appreciated.

-The results of each week's bets will be put into a league table on the Wednesday of each week (Weekends are of course, eventful days for racing) Where each player will be ranked on the number of their total profit/loss

That ok with everyone? If it is then we've got six players, should be enough to start.


Cricketer Of The Year
While i get that there is a problem as far as knowledge of racing etc specific to location/genre i still think for the competition to work we need to be betting on the same meet - Makes it easy to work out who won what and makes the 'competition' more direct with other punters.

Just as opposed to open slather is all. Makes everything easier to 'track' :ph34r:

cover drive man

International Captain
I'll track the stuff, no worries. Right, assuming everyone's still up for it, lets have a go:

Round 1

Current Balances

ripper868- $20
Voltman- $20
marc71178- $20
Mister Wright- $20
_Ed_- $20
CDM- $20
Bobisback- $20

Feel free to place as many bets you like as long as you don't exceed $20 between now and this time next week.
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International Regular
Im in either way. Though, would prefer it CDM's way, as wouldnt have a clue about English races, though would fancy myself a bit of a chance at winning this with the ability to bet on any Australian meeting.

cover drive man

International Captain
Have to agree with Ripper really, one meeting a week.
I really don't mind the extra work of checking results from different meets.If you want though I could link you the card to one meet a week as a guideline. I could do the same for ripper but like volty said, I can't really choose cards from places where I rarely follow the racing.

Im in either way. Though, would prefer it CDM's way, as wouldnt have a clue about English races, though would fancy myself a bit of a chance at winning this with the ability to bet on any Australian meeting.
Sure thing mate, I've edited the weeks list and put you in.

Let's give this a chance for the moment. My bets to come soon, remember in the week each person must put a minimum $20 total on their bets. For instance:

$4 dollar win
$1 each way
$2 win,
0.20 lucky fifteen= $3
$3 dollar win,
$6 tote place

Comes to a total of $20

The number of bets doesn't matter.

And please remember to choose a bookies to supply the odds.
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Hall of Fame Member
My first bet.

$20 quaddie (winners of four consecutive races) at Addington harness on Saturday night.

Leg 1:
1 Rockin Roll Lad
5 Alberto Contador
13 Raging Bull

Leg 2:
7 I Can Doosit
8 Annicka
9 Stylish Monarch

Leg 3:
5 Salem
7 Hip Hop Anvil
9 Arden Tetrick

Leg 4:
1 Power Of Tara
3 Nearea Franco
8 Lightning Raider
11 Monkey King

$20 = 18 percent of the total dividend.
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My bets (all at Hastings, NZ on Saturday):

$5 place Mojave Aster (Race 1)
$10 place Largo Da Barra (Race 2)
$5 quinella Largo Da Barra, Harlequin (Race 2)

cover drive man

International Captain
Lost $5 yesterday, $15 left.

$1 each-way patent on today's races = $14

2.20 Ludlow- Olympian Boy 9/2 (Each way 1/4 odds 1-2)
3.50 Ludlow- Tyup Pompey 2/1 (Each way 1/4 odds 1-2)
3.10 Wincanton- The Ferbane Man 7/2 (each way 1/4 odds 1-2)

I'll have the remaing dollar on a win for The Ferbane Man 7/2

Odds from William Hill.


International Regular
I thought we were only supposed to go Win, each way or place? Not fussed, just want clarification on the rules.