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The "Also-Rans" Test Draft

Line and Length

Cricketer Of The Year
We now have 13 starters so we will go ahead with that number.

The (revised) rules are:

In Cricket Chat I have posted (or will have posted) the first 5 XIs based on Member's votes in the Batsmen, Pace bowlers, Spinners, All-Rounders and Wicketkeeper/batsmen threads. These 55 players are ineligible for this draft, leaving us with the "Also rans".

The usual draft rules apply with the odd numbered rounds decided by randomiser and the following even numbered rounds the reverse of the preceding odd round.

There will be a 12 hour limit for the first round with subsequent rounds having an 8 hour limit. Draft choices can be left with me if needed.

The ineligible players are: (Sehwag has an unassailable lead for the next spot in the openers voting. Based on the Batting list, Haydn would be next but there is a swing towards either B.Richards or Morris. We will wait until that spot is filled, then I'll post the draw and we can start)

First XISecond XIThird XIFourth XIFifth XI
SobersImran KhanKallisMillerBotham
HadleeWarneWasim AkramLindwallHealy
MuralitharanSteynDonaldLakerWaqar Younis
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Cricketer Of The Year
I want a bumper draft tbh with 15+ players, be fun to make a few more sacrifices than normal. Hyped nonetheless for any draft, especially such a general one.