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Super 15 2013 tipping Competition


Hall of Fame Member
Playoff qualifiers

Two points for each correct pick - 4 points for an "upset" as earlier defined in the comp.

Crusaders vs Reds
Brumbies vs Cheetahs


Hall of Fame Member
Roadogg		4.1	87
Cane		4.1	86.9
Droos		2	83.6
Brumby		4.1	81.7
Quaggas		4.1	79.5
Rego		2	74.4
BFP		4.1	74.6
Gazza		4.1	74.4
Vimes		4.1	73.5


Hall of Fame Member
Roadogg	2	89
Cane	2	88.9
Droos	0	83.6
Brumby	6.1	87.8
Quaggas	0	79.5
Rego	2	76.4
BFP	0	74.6
Gazza	0	74.4
Vimes	0	73.5


Cricket Web Owner
Just seen the highlights, what was going on with all those kicks at goal turned down by the Bulls?