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Charlie B

U19 Debutant
Thanks for adding that message on the forum ***** - already informed Tonkers and also pointed out potential connection to Melbourne Redbacks and Sydney Cricket club


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FHK just humilated ZCC's U21s again. Tam Tak-chi belting 169*, all of ZCC managed just 83.

I was bidding for a 31 skill 20 year old bowler to buffer the side for CWC6 but Saudi Arabia fan sniped me :dry:


Hall of Fame Member
Its feels like a server issue again, hopefully does not take days to fix... wonder if the system got migrated to something/someone cheaper?

Charlie B

U19 Debutant
I just tried again now - but no joy. However, the log in page says there are currently 11 users (it said 2 when i tried earlier today) - that makes me a little paranoid (as in it must be working now and somehow the overuse of my username/password means I'm personally now blocked!).

I shall also just restrict myself to ..... sigh!

Charlie B

U19 Debutant
ditto and back in - Jura have managed an unexpected 5-point win in my absence - clearly my management ability is just holding them back!

Two decent players who have reached the back end of their careers for the Wild Geese have been sold for $1k each while i was away (to who else but Saudia Arabia of course) which rather puts the prices 'certain managers' are paying to Saudia Arabia for senior players with actuals in their low 20's into context

Clearly i should complain that if the site had not gone down my two players would have sold (on a comparative basis) for about 500k and it was just the crash that stopped 100 bids coming in during the last few hours !:)
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Charlie B

U19 Debutant
Hi Stephen

Re your post on the stumped Forum - it would be a legitimate strategy to buy a load of players and try and sell them for a profit but as they are selling to a gaggle of newly created teams - if they belong to one and the same IP address that would not be legitimate

I'm afraid some posting on the forum thread might ruffle feathers on what seems a very precarious turkey! but yes, it is another sign (and how we don't need it) of the moribund maint. and dev. You would think the IP address of each new joiner would be checked as a matter of course and cross referenced (it is not an onerous task based on the number of new joiners we get) and if done, this situation would not occur in the first place 😞


International Regular
GROUP A: The Merry Orangutans (@StephenZA), Moooo (@SillyCowCorner1), AtaraX Wellington (@ataraxia), Honest Hunks (@honestbharani)
https://www.stumpedgame.com/ViewFriendlyComp.php?CompID=157 = Pool A

GROUP B: Charminster CC (@JOJOXI), GG CC (@SillyCowCorner1), Zor*x CC (@cnerd123), Plymouth Pirates (@Jarquis)
https://www.stumpedgame.com/ViewFriendlyComp.php?CompID=158 = Pool B

GROUP C: Dynamo Schmaltzberg (@Magrat Garlick), The Wild Geese (@Charlie B), Free HK (@cnerd123), AtaraXIa (@ataraxia)
https://www.stumpedgame.com/ViewFriendlyComp.php?CompID=159 = Pool C

GROUP D: Jura CC (@Charlie B), Ashgrove Astronauts (@Jarquis), Winton CC (@JOJOXI), Dynamo Morpork (@Magrat Garlick)
https://www.stumpedgame.com/ViewFriendlyComp.php?CompID=160 = Pool D

Entries close in a couple of days, still need the following people to join Groups

Group A: Moo (@SillyCowCorner1), Honest Hunks (@honestbharani)
Group B: GG CC (@SillyCowCorner1), Plymouth Pirates (@Jarquis)
Group C: Dynamo Schmaltzberg (@Magrat Garlick)
Group D: Dynamo Morpork (@Magrat Garlick)

I will be very pre-occupied later (Friday) but will respond to any entries late Friday/Saturday. Entries close Sunday but given it says 2 days left and its still 11:45pm game time - I presume that means very first thing Sunday