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Silly Point - the CWC Bulletin - Submissions Welcome


International Debutant
The #1 Number One?

The inaugural CWCA draft is fast approaching.
This week, Silly Point takes a closer look at 5 players who some say might go at Pick 1 - on a day that looms as the biggest yet in each of their fledgling careers.

Jake Howe
BAT: 100
STYLE: Aggressive
TRIAL GAMES: 45*(30), 5(7), 16(12)

Dashing young keeper-batsmen Howe announced himself on the CWC scene with an assured performance in his first trial game, displaying a real flair with the bat coupled with a confident and ambitious character. Despite not going on with an innings since; it is early days and he shows real promise, with both bat and gloves.
A keeper of this batting quality is a rare find, and some sides may look to draft strategically and grab hold of him in the early rounds.

G Sriram
Leg Spinner
BAT: 0
BOWL: 100
STYLE: Normal
TRIAL GAMES: 1/8(3), 0/9(3), 1/9(2)

Sriram truly looks to be a bowler with all the tricks.
Thus far, he has dazzled even the most promising young batsmen in his trial matches; proving to be both incredibly difficult to score off and a constant wicket-taking threat.
The sky could be the limit for this youngster, and with a dearth of wrist spinners in the draft pool he may be a wise choice for Pick 1.

Chris Lewis
BAT: 40
BOWL: 60
STYLE: Defensive Batsmen/Aggressive Bowler
TRIAL GAMES: 18(10) & 1/10(3), 1/26(2), 10(15) & 1/16(2)

To date young Chris Lewis has been solid, if unspectacular, as captain of his trial team.
Despite not setting the world alight with bat or ball, he has been a solid contributor and looks to have real qualities as a leader.
Miserly with the ball, and capable of fireworks with the bat, Lewis may be something of a dark horse early on in a draft with few genuine all-round prospects.

Atul Sharma
Fast Bowler
BAT: 0
BOWL: 100
STYLE: Aggressive
TRIAL GAMES: 1/8(3), 0/22(4), DNP

In his first trial match, Sharma looked unplayable and at times appeared a step ahead of his peers. A more moderate performance in game two, and a victim of rotation for the third match, we may not yet have seen just what this player is capable of.
One of the fastest bowlers in the entire draft, Sharma could be the ideal spear-head and may even go at Pick 1.

JD Hurricane
BAT: 100
STYLE: Normal
TRIAL GAMES: 35*(32), 2(7), 44*(37)

Hurricane is a batsmen who truly has it all.
Both innovative and somewhat dominant in his trial matches to date; Hurricane has also taken the leadership of his side squarely upon his shoulders, already showing a tendency to stand up when the team needs it most. He seems to have all the shots, and the maturity of a player beyond his years.
No matter where he is selected in the draft - and it is no surprise he is the choice of some pundits for Pick 1 - Hurricane has the potential to become a star.


It could be one of these young men, or it may be another - but regardless of who goes at Pick Number 1 in the CWCA draft, it is with some excitement that we look towards the dawning of these rookie players' careers.
Anita Knapp, Silly Point
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International Debutant
Silly Point has been hearing whispers about how the CWCA will decide to structure their inaugural season, with about 40 domestic players available for selection leading to suggestions that 3 CricketWeb teams will compete. Whether other teams will be a part of the competition, however, is the key point of some of the rumours which have spread in the last few days. There has been growing hope that the Assosciation will approach some big names from around the world, to develop global awareness of their new league; speculation perhaps started by a photo of CWCA Vice-President Dick Biggs with ex-England star Andrew Flintoff doing the rounds on Twitter this morning. Though neither has commented on the matter, it has not stopped the rumours - with some talk that even current international players might be a part of the competition.

Silly Point will keep you updated as more comes to hand.


International Debutant
Silly Point can this morning officially confirm that teams in the CWCA's first class competition for the inaugural season will be competing for the Craig Walsh Shield, named in honour of the late Craig Walsh - a man who not only played a significant part in the first domestic league to form on CricketWeb, the CW Dev League, but was also a valued and respected contributor to the land of CW in general; and whose recent passing sent shockwaves throughout the community.
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International Debutant
Silly Mid On - The Silly Point Insider

Silly Mid On has seen a document which names the 3 CW teams which the Assosciation has formed for their inaugural season. We understand the sides will be known as the Falcons, the Eagles, and the Hawks; all with the acronym 'CWCA' attached. CWCA officials have refused to comment on the leak, but SP reporter Faye Kinglinks tells us her inside source has confirmed the contents of the document.

Furthermore, as SP understands, the CWCA will officially launch the inaugural season on September 6th; with an official press conference set for that date promising "a series of major announcements".

We'll bring you more as it comes to hand.
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Noble One

International Vice-Captain
This league needs more of a CW community focus if it's to last more than a week. Let the captains and vice-captains select team names.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Silly Point - the CWC bulletin - BREAKING NEWS

Hurricane cracks up

Recently appointed FATB Captain, JD Hurricane, was spotted terrorising a hospital earlier today, before addressing a local cult in a crazed speech. Luckily for Silly Point, we were able to obtain footage of the incident thanks to a young witness with a video camera. Witnesses say Hurricane was clearly distressed, muttering on about a Bunghole and TP (here at SP we can only guess as to what TP is referring to, we'd like to invite readers to tweet their suggestions to #bungholiotp) and questions are already being asked if he can handle the pressure of leading a team into battle in the Inaugural season of CricketWeb Cricket.

When asked to comment, rival captain Spas Delev had the following to say. "It's no surprise to me that Hurricane has cracked. There was already evidence to suggest the bloke was a bit of a nutter when trying to select a team for the recent trial matches, and his understudy (Dan Wayne, pictured below) isn't much better. Any players considering joining FATB should be warned that a season with these 2 at the helm is likely to end in disaster, as their Bung may have fizzed already".

FATB Vice Captain, Dan Wayne


Hall of Fame Member
Silly Point - Breaking News

Hurricane responds to recent press regarding “cracking under stress”.

A tired looking Hurricane emerging from the gym had this to say “I emphatically deny that I am on performance enhancing steroids that are affecting my posting. We at the FATB club believe fully in family values and competing cleanly. I have proposed to the commissioner DJ Jellet that all posters in the CW league take random urine samples and send them in for inspection and I have already sent him three samples. :ph34r: What’s really important here is that we focus on the future of the sport.“


International Coach
rumours abounding that the competition has folded, with the scheduled round of fc competition delayed