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Sidebottom Info.


International Coach
Last 12 Tests - 31 wickets @ 41.35.

The "one bad Test" is a myth
and in the 4 tests preceding the game in NZ, he had taken 12 wickets at under 27. This btw includes a series in SL which is hardly renowned for being a bowlers paradise.

If we go to the 5 preceding tests (which is the last Ashes series) he took 13 wickets@ 37, which is ordinary but ignores the fact that he was our best bowler on show. So basically, in his last 3 series he was our best bowler and then got dropped in NZ after one poor game.

Its always useful to arbitrarily throw in a number like '12', but its important to realize that the high average is really the result of series that were played about 1.5 years before he was dropped.


Cricket Spectator
Hoggard looked crazy on that Ashes 2005 special they had on, crazy hair.....that adds nothing to anything, but yeah I thought that hair was a bit wild....could of at least combed it. -_-

I'd bring Onions & Harmiso in, form just doesn't come flying back to you, so you can't expect Sidebottom to hit his lines and get wickets, no chance.

King Pietersen

International Captain
Div one.

Onions 40 @ 13.02
Harmison 35 @ 18.68
Hoggard 28 @ 27.50
To build on that, here's a decent list of the guys that we could possibly consider as bowling options and their Championship records this season:

Anderson 11 @ 9.90
Onions 40 @ 13.02
Broad 7 @ 15.14
Flintoff 8 @ 18.62
Harmison 35 @ 18.68
Swann 6 @ 21.16
Plunkett 19 @ 22.15
Mahmood 24 @ 24.08
Rashid 10 @ 27.30
Hoggard 28 @ 27.50
Sidebottom 10 @ 30.20
Pattinson 7 @ 46.28
Bresnan 8 @ 59.50
Amjad Khan 2 @ 78.00
Panesar 6 @ 86.66

Hoggard and Sidebottom being outbowled by Rashid, Mahmood, Plunkett, Swann, Harmison, Flintoff, Broad, Onions and Anderson. Ouch. Nice to see 1 cap wonders, Amjad, Bresnan and Pattinson performing well this season as well =]
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Cricket Web Staff Member
It's as simple as if Sidebottom puts in some good performances in the next few weeks, he should be back in the team. Unfortunately he's barely played this season, first due to fitness, then due to international commitments, and recently due to the fact that Notts have been out of action.

And @ K_P: TBF, Bresnan is a two-cap wonder (have to hope it stays that way TBH)