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Should Have Played More Tests Voting Thread

Which are the best 3 teams?

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International Captain
We had a great draft of players who played 25 Tests or less, with 15 teams in total. Please vote for the top 3 teams.


Jack Moroney*
Mohmmad Wasim
Charles Davis
Martin Kent
John Benaud
Craig Serjeant
Taslim Arif (wk)
Ashley Noffke (0)
Richard Snell
Len Pascoe
Jack Noreiga

a massive zebra

Anura Tennekoon
Andrew Stoddart *
Rusi Modi
Phil Mead
Colin Bland
Dave Houghton +
Mahadevan Sathasivam
Bart King (2)
Harold Larwood (1)
Ranji Hordern (4)
Mohammad Asif (3)


1. Jatinder Singh
2. Dan Housego
3. Don Neely *
4. Scott Kremerskothen
5. Nick Bertus +
6. Ian Harvey
7. Greg Lamb
8. Brian Crump
9. John Sparling
10. Kaushal Lokuarachchi
11. Kade Harvey

12. Michael Munday


Di Venuto*
Lindsay +*
Proctor 1
S Clark 3
Bowes 2
Appleyard 4*

Fuller Pilch

Fawad Alam
Privi Shaw
Ernest Tyndsley
George Gunn
Jesse Ryder*
Clive Rice (0 tests) (c)
Rishant Pant (wk)
Rashid Khan
Frank Tyson
Muhammad Abbas


Sid Barnes
Jack Fingleton
George Challenor
Lala Amarnath
Henry Nicholls
Billy Murdoch (*) (+)
George Hirst
Alfred Mynn
Bert Vogler
Shane Bond
Ted McDonald


1. Archie Jackson /*
2. Herbie Collins /*
3. Subramaniam Badrinath /
4. Douglas Jardine / (c)
5. Asim Kamal /
6. Aubrey Faulkner / o*
7. Ray Jennings + /*
8. Gubby Allen o /
9. Sylvester Clarke o
10. Bobby Peel o
11. Wayne Daniel o


1. Andrew Hall
2. Clifford Roach
3. Jack Ryder
4. Vinod Kambli
5. Stanley Jackson
6. Rakheem Cornwall
7. Keith Boyce
8. Pervez Sajjad
9. Kyle Abbott
10. John James Ferris
11. Arthur Mailey


Vijay Merchant
Aiden Markram
John F. Reid
Lee Irvine
Ryan ten Doeschate
Gerry Alexander
Tich Freeman
Vince van der Bijl
Tom Richardson
Khan Mohammad


Chris Rogers
Colin Milburn
Eddie Paytner
Graeme Pollock
Alan Kippax
Colin McCool
Frank Foster
Bernard Bosquanet
Garth Le Roux
Darren Berry
Ken Higgs


Bill Brown*
Don Tallon +
George Headley *
Joe Hardstaff Jnr*
Karl Schneider*
Gilbert Jessop 6
Learie Constantine 4
Tibby Cotter 3
Manny Martindale 2
Jack Cowie 1
Bert Ironmonger 5

Red Hill

Barry Richards
Jimmy Maher
Brad Hodge
David Hookes
Jack Gregory*2
Ron Archer **4
Tim Zoehrer +
Andy Bichel*3
CTB Turner*1
Jack Iverson*5


1. WG Grace
2. Jimmy Cook
3. Martin Love
4. Ajay Sharma
5. David Hussey*
6. Michael Bevan
7.*Parthiv Patel
8. Duanne Olivier
9. Fanie de Villiers
10. Rajinder Goel
11. Fred Spofforth

Magrat Garlick

1. Duff
2. Elliott
3. Abel
4. Rae
5. Amre
6. A. Trott /o
7. N O'Brien (wk)
8. Stephenson (0) /o
9. Lever o
10. Jones o
11. Lohmann o


1. PA Jaques
2. EJM Cowan
3. MW Goodwin
4. SG Law*
5. JD Siddons
6. N Pothas (WK)
7. JL Pattinson
8. PJ Cummins
9. SNJ O'Keefe
10. MA Cameron
11. BN Schultz


Hall of Fame Member
Half of trundler's team is captain?

Also one tip, list your team with full names. I think psychologically I tend to pay less attention to and therefore underrate teams listed with only last names. There is also a question of who you mean (Richard Hadlee or Dayle Hadlee for example in some draft).


Hall of Fame Member
I think having just last names is basically saying look how many household names I have in this XI don't even need to go into detail

Worked on me as I voted trundler


Hall of Fame Member
Hollow victory, that. The greatness of my XI is undeniable - the votes are for second.

a massive zebra

International Vice-Captain
Trundler voted for himself. Surely the cardinal sin of voting for oneself incurs a penalty of instant disqualification? As far as I am concerned, Teuton and MrPrez are currently joint leaders with five votes each.
Last edited:

a massive zebra

International Vice-Captain
Wouldn't a one vote penalty just neutralise trundler's vote? Or is this one vote penalty in addition to a voiding of trundler's vote for himself.


International Captain
Congratulations to trundler for the win.

Once again thanks to everyone for taking part and sticking with it to the end.


Audio File
Looks like I've missed this but on a cursory look I'd have voted for Trundler as well.

Tempted to vote for zebra as I rate his bowling, but not his batting

CowCorner has the most underrated side, should have been on the podium at least


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Looks like I've missed this but on a cursory look I'd have voted for Trundler as well.

Tempted to vote for zebra as I rate his bowling, but not his batting

CowCorner has the most underrated side, should have been on the podium at least
Wow, thanks for at least highlighting the essence of quality in my team.

If only I should have put an asterisk next to every single name like trundler has done...