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Sheep Draft Version 2.0


Y no Afghanistan flag
For those not familiar with the first Sheep Draft, I ask a question for example:
- Select a Cricket with a highest Test score over 250?

You email your answer to me, if someone else selects the same player as you, neither of you get that player. You then have a second and third chance, but after 3 unsuccessful attempts another selector gets to chose a player for you, so you are most likely left with the worst player possible.

There will be 12 rounds in total, giving you a chance to balance your final XI a bit more as you'll have no idea what questions are coming.

I'll start this thing once we get at least 8 people, happy for us to have more than 8 though.


Whatever it takes!!!
Cant be a regular as I can't promise to be online at the times expected. I am on CW every day of the week though, at some point or the other.. So if that is ok, would love to be in. Otherwise, I will be happy judging this one from the outside along with the others. :)


Y no Afghanistan flag
In so far


Y no Afghanistan flag
I'll give you all an example of how this will work.
Question 1A Select a Cricketer with a highest Test score of over 250?
metallics2006 - Don Bradman
Matt79 - Don Bradman
Blakus - Jacques Kallis
Somerset - Wasim Akram
G.I.Joe - Martin Crowe

I would write back:
metallics2006 - fail (bradman)
Matt79 - fail (bradman)
Blakus - fail (didn't meet criteria Kallis)
Somerset - PASS
G.I.Joe - PASS

So 1b would mean metallics, matt and blakus have to pick again
Metallics - Wasim Akram
Matt - Stephen Fleming
Blakus - Martin Crowe

I would write back
Metallics - fail (Akram chosen in 1a)
Matt - pass
Blakus - fail (Crowe chosen in 1a)

So 1c would be for Metallics and Blakus
Metallics - VVS Laxman
Blakus - Stephen Fleming

Metallics - pass
Blakus - fail (fleming chosen in 1b)

so that would mean the next person to post will select a player for Blakus, it's recommended to chose the worst player so perhaps Bryan Young would be Blakus player.

Round 1 final results
metallics2006 - VVS Laxman
Matt79 - Stephen Fleming
Blakus - Bryan Young
Somerset - Wasim Akram
G.I.Joe - Martin Crowe

I'll be doing 2 questions at a time, so say the name has been selected in rounds 2a and 1c, the 2a selection would actually count..

I hope that it's not too confusing, I'll start in a minute..
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Y no Afghanistan flag
Okay, so starting now... you have 24 hours to email me at sheepdraft@hotmail.com

Question 1a
Name a Cricketer who has scored equal or more 100s than 50s in his Test Career. (minimum of 1 100)

Question 2a
Steve Waugh took 92 Test wickets compared with Mark Waugh's 59 wickets. Select a Cricketer who falls in the gap between the Waugh's total number of Test wickets? so between 92 and 59 wickets :)

Just a reminder any Cricketer listed as a FAIL will go onto a banned list and you will not be able to select that player again, unless otherwise stated.

So please email your answers to sheepdraft@hotmail.com within the next 24 hours of this post.

Just a reminder others can play too but they must join within the next 24 hours. :)
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Y no Afghanistan flag
Yeah just checked the email, all good, I figured it was you. :)

Received emails from fredfertang and Marcuss so far.