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Selectors Draft


Norwood's on Fire
Okay I’m not a regular in these things. So stop me if it’s been done or isn’t that interesting an idea.

But here’s the concept.

It will be for between 8-12 players.

Each of those players will then be allocated, privately, a Test nation and required to provide an all-time eleven for it. This must be a realistic eleven (you’ll see why later) though obviously subjectivity will be part of this.

This will then become the full pool of players available for the draft from rounds one to ten. Players will not be allowed to pick from their own team, unless there are no other options available (NB this is an absolutist rule so team balance is not a consideration. If there are players left from other countries you must pick them regardless if they don’t fit your team balance).

After round ten, players will need to provide their batting line-up and typical bowling order to me at which point I will put out the requirements for round eleven.

Thoughts? Anyone keen?
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Norwood's on Fire
Oh and btw happy for it to not start until Hidden Objective finishes, just wanted to know if a good idea


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Sounds intriguing. I haven’t been in one of these in a long time. I’ll throw my hat (and possibly a wrench ) into this