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Selection strategies by the opposite team?


Global Moderator
TT Boy said:
Why would you big someone up just because you was once team-mates/work colleagues? Smith was a good player, sure crap player of spin but against pace he was one of the best around, Warne probably appreciated his talent against that not against him.
Because he sees more of Robin Smith than what he does other English players, as well as dealing with him as a person. If you get on well with someone, you're more likely to see their strengths as a cricketer, especially if you start talking a lot of cricke to each other, as two leaders of a cricket club would.


International Coach
FaaipDeOiad said:
Anyway, regarding the original point about Hick and Warne, I think there's a difference between holding back a bit in a tour match yourself and deliberately failing to make another player appear better. I don't think Warne let Hick score runs off him just to make Hick look good, he just didn't do everything he could to stop Hick from doing so. He said something along the lines of "it's always hard to give away runs, even when you had been ordered by your captain to bowl within your best" about playing against Hick. And he also said he was impressed by the innings.
indeed, i dont think Warne ever caused Hick problems in any form of the game. Hick was generally one of Englands best players of spin and he'd scored runs against the very best.