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Don't worry Turbs, we'll probably get an interview with Mike at the innings break.

Or I'll make one up. We'll see.


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Curious move from Spark as andyc, with three wickets, is whipped out of the attack.

3.1 Nnanden to Athlai, no run, ooh, that beats the outside edge, seems like words are being exchanged out there

3.2 Nnanden to Athlai, FOUR, full and straight, Athlai swings it straight back over the bowler's head for four, followed by excessive thrusting

3.3 Nnanden to Athlai, OUT, Nath castles him and returns the favour as he follows Athlai back to the dressing room, not great sportsmanship from these sides today

Athlai b Nnanden 5 (5b 1x4 0x6)

3.4 Nnanden to Voltman, 1 run, tucked away into the on side

3.5 Nnanden to James, no run, short ball is ducked under and misses the helmet by a whisker, more heated words are exchanged

Nnanden to James, 1 no ball, that's another short ball that whizzes past James' helmet grill. Umpire calls a no-ball as he's had one bouncer this over

The boss isn't happy - he's having a word with the umpire - and, wait... yes, Nath has been permabanned.

Andyc to complete the over.

3.6 andyc to James, no run, length ball is defended, sensible cricket all round

4 overs, NZ 83/6
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Whatever it takes!!!
HB's twitter feed:

People who post what happened in their dreams as scorecards with commentary, are just plain sad... :cool:


likes this
People who comment on what's happening on a cricket forum via an imaginary twitter feed are just as sad.


Global Moderator
I'm sure that with a little synchronised glaring, the match referee will come to his senses :ph34r:


International Coach
Should let bloody railtrack manage it, how worse can it get.

I actually don't give a flying F, i'm just here to abuse PEWS until he infracts me into next Sunday :D


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Feb 25 - Australia v New Zealand*
Feb 25 - Bangladesh v Ireland*
Feb 27 - India v England
Feb 28 - Bangladesh v India
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* - one or both of those games could be moved to the 26th depending on when I get lineups in and what timezone you're in. The other games should be played effectively as curtain raisers to the corresponding fixtures of the real World Cup.

Semi-finals and final dates TBC.
I am not sure there is enough time left now in the real world cup to accommodate all of these games in the simming comp.