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Cricket Web XI Moderator
lol i played icc for a day when i first fell in love with it

i won the first 4 games with kent lost the next 2 and then wont the next 3

best score 338 best bowling 6/30 by a drafted bowler from the youth team

Paid The Umpire

All Time Legend
In ACC (Australian Cricket Captain) I had four player score centuries in one innings. Two games running.

Ie. 10/739 (4 centuries) - Won by Inngs & 100 runs.
10/625 (4 centuries) & 2/165(ish) - Won by 8 wickets

Thankyou, thankyou no autographs please.


Hall of Fame Member
i would never cheat - if i had i would have got more runs and the partnership would have been the forst eva over 1000 but no and i missed the WR for high individual score byy 2 runs :(

also my biggest OD win is 450 runs and my biggest 4/5 day win is like and innings and 900 runs

Umpire Money

State Vice-Captain
Because my comp sux and i can only run ACC

I got all out for 64
i hit 28 off one ova

and i wish i could play ICC

8D 8D


Cricket Web XI Moderator
New Record

Best winning score margin in 50 Overs

Surrey vs Sussex i was surrey i won by 190 runs my biggest yet :D
after that Salisbury and Saqlain took 4 wickets each :D
Thorpe and Brown and Hollioake hit 103, 80, and 59( quick one ) repectively


Hall of Fame Member
im just gonna cut both of you down - my biggest winning margin in an OD game (50 over) is 450 runs and my best bowling is 9/27