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Pre-Season Results and Discussion


Just FTR, I had no problem with it. Just seems like an odd "under-the-table" type selection for mine. No offence intended, I was just pretty sure Gough would be skipper.


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Matchday 7

After the success of the CW teams in the International games, it was back to the pre-season preparation.

So far the pre-season tournament has been close. With each team having 2 games left would any make a push to seperate themselves from the pack?

After fixture
Group A
Rhys_Williams (eas) is suspended for 1 games
Daniel_Towns (SDy) is suspended for 1 games
Dave_Kearsley (eas) is suspended for 1 games
James_Griffen (nor) is injured for 2 weeks with a bruised rib

Group A
Liam_Camps (isl) is coming back from suspension
Zac_Ritchie (cen) is coming back from suspension
Celestino (isl) is suspended for 1 game
Zaza_J (nix) is coming back from injury



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Hmmm, still need to find the right tactic for the team it seems. We're giving up waaaaay to much possession and were lucky to come away with a draw.


International Regular
Ouch, totally dominated and we only drew 1-1. Great goal by Xavier, hah.

Stoke to have played 3 good games on the trot, getting some consistancy here.


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Meh another draw, oh well could be a lot worse. Tempted to drop Xav for the next match, reckon Griffen injury saved him.


Cricket Web Content Updater
Disappointing draw there especially after the total domination from the word go, damn the own goal.


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weird yousay that, pretty sure he hasn't done much other than the own goal ^^
As a defensive unti we have only let in two goals. Xav and Heath haven't made many key tackles, but they probably going other things right, or aleast out playing the other forwards. Defenders in general don't make that many key tackles so you can't always tell how well they are going just going off match summaries.