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Olympic Track and Field thread

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Get him tested. :ph34r:

Well done to Usain Bolt and Richard Thompson. And that American guy too, I suppose.


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Surprised he lowered the WR? No. Bolt is awesome. But Powell............I don't know......


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Bolt's going to race the 200 as well? Damn, that world record is going to be shattered.


International Captain
That was something special. An honour just to watch it live, Usain Bolt is he the best ever 100m sprinter? He beat his own WR at the final of the Olympics.


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Amazing race by Bolt there, if he's clean then that is one of the most impressive sporting moments I've ever seen. Dominated the race, smashed the world record and still had time to play up for the crowd. Unbeleivable.

Valerie Vili was pretty bloody good too. The last 30 minutes has been absolutely awesome.


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Just have to wonder (for now) how much more he could take off that. Once we see his best it could stand for a very long time.


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my goodness that was awesome, cant wait for 200m now

Being a Jamaican, Bolt loves cricket and in he said Beijing last week that his cricketing idols were Australians Adam Gilchrist and Matt Hayden.

"They bat aggressive and I really like it, that is who I am really,'' Bolt said.
noice lol