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Olympic cricket


Cricketer Of The Year
If there were more sports the Olympics would go on for 3 weeks or more! And how could a city or country bank-roll so many events & stadiums?
A gold-medal for 7's rugby?...what a waste of time.


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The olympics going for longer wouldnt be a bad thing, they could easily add a few more sports and extend the games by 4 days....

ash chaulk

International Captain
extending the games will create a loss in interest for some people. i know i for one got a bit bored of the ****ty events like equestrian judo boxing made me goto sleep.

on tha flip side more roy n hg would be great.


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id be very surprised if table tennis is dropped, is there any real need for it to go? its crowds werent considerably less than any other sport in athens, its a pretty popular game world wide and the chiense love it.

must have been rebecca wilson writing that article kyle....