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*Official* Warm-up Matches Discussion


International Coach
Good as, apparently the AB medal's on at 8:30PM tonight on Fox Sports!

Or they showed an old ad.


Thanks to the IPL, Chinnasamy has become so conducive to pace and bounce. Iirc there was a conscious decision to aid the likes of Dale Steyn for RCB.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Anyone finding the graphics really busy at the bottom of the screen?
Yep. Don't think we really need to be reminded there are 50 overs in the innings. The number of overs could be useful to have on screen if it's anything other than 50, but it doesn't really need to be there most of the time.


Global Moderator
Oh, Paine is keeping. Just noticed that. Hope he gets through well.

EDIT: Wow. Never seen us miss as much as this summer.
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Yeah it's probably just a trick of the light but that's a really weird looking shade of yellow. Very unnatural, if you will.


How many super-short haircuts have we got in this team? Four? Five?
Heh, I don't know but just turned on the match now and hardly recognized Mitch. Also the Aussie kit looks different from the ones to our 2 last ODI series there.


Global Moderator
Even Shane Watson has a short haircut by his standards...

Don't think he has it in him to go right down though


Y no Afghanistan flag
I love the canary yellow tbh, it makes sense having a distinguishable colour too. Bang, SA, Pak had green covered.

Australia are doing well, I hope the pitches for the duration of the tournament are similar to this one.


Global Moderator
For some reason I found that appeal from Hastings really funny.

And yes, on the cricket, we have bowled quite well of late.

Forgotten how to aim, though. That must be like the 5th run out attempt on Sehwag.

Getting some real bounce every now and then is Mitch. Man, we'd love pitches like this throughout.
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