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*Official Third Test at Edgbaston


Hall of Fame Member
A little early perhaps, but I have already noticed plenty of discussion regarding possible changes for this match, so it might be helpful to have this thread to discuss it in.

FWIW I Think England might have to make two enforced changes that are going to be massive. Rumours are that Flintoff and KP might be struggling so what would England do in that case? If we go in 1-0 up does that change the mentality and we go in with 4 bowlers? If that's the case who would be the extra batsman? (assuming Bell already takes KP's place?) We know Broad won't get dropped, regardless of how poorly he performs..will he move to seven with Swann at 8, Harmison come in? For me that's very shaky even without factoring KP being out.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Wow @ Flintoff & Pietersen possibly being out. They ARE 2 massive losses.

For Australia, hopefully (if he's fit) Lee & Clark get back in. Who to drop, I'm not sure. :ph34r:

Anyway, does anyone know whether Hauritz will be fit for the next game?


Cricket Web Staff Member
If Pietersen is out Shah should replace him. If Flintoff is out Bell should replace him. Under no circumstances should Bell replace anyone other than Flintoff, because Bell's only particularly good Test performances have come when standing-in for Flintoff. And while obviously some of that is coincidence, I don't think it is completely. Think it suits Bell's psyche.

Broad is not going to be dropped unless England somehow manage to lose the Lord's Test I don't think. Say Pietersen and Flintoff are both fit, the team is almost certain to be unchanged; say they're both out I imagine we'll go Strauss, Cook, Shah, Bopara, Collingwood, Bell, Prior, Swann, Br0ad, Anders0n, 0nions.

If we're 1-0 up seven batsmen four bowlers is the only strategy that makes sense.

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
KP has to play. Even on one leg he is better than Bell or Shan, both of whom are too much of a liability.

Wicket at Edgbaston is apparently slow, which is good for England and once again nullifies the Aussie attack.


International Regular
I'm sitting on the fence at the moment, but Hilfenhaus, Hauritz and Siddle are certainty's for the third Test. A bowl off between Johnson, Lee and Clark is in order in the tour match.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Key's in form... if KP's out we could have him at three and drop Bopara down a place.
I honestly wouldn't have a major truck with Key playing, but just don't see it happening.

I reckon Denly and Moore (both of whom are notably inferior batsmen to Key) are ahead as things currently stand.


International Coach
Hauritz has been pretty awesome, drop Hussey for Lee IMO. Thats how controversial I am.
I did say in the Watson in for Hussey thread that it would be worth the risk to drop Hussey for Watson, considering Watto is back to his bowling fitness, though if they still wanna persist with Hussey then dropping North can be an option too.

Though considering how Australia have struggled to bowl teams out twice, a five man bowling attack too could be considered for the Edgbaston test, which would mean Haddin bats at 6 and Johnson at 7, I believe Johnson can do as good a job as Flintoff with the bat, batting at 7.

Things from an Aussie perspective though aren't looking good, its not often that Australia have managed to comeback from behind in a series to win it, so Ponting and co. certainly have their cut out here, and they just can't afford a lame performance like the one they produced in the Lord's test.


Cricket Web Staff Member
If Hussey gets dropped for this Test, I suppose the most accurate reflection would be that it'd be a real shock, but not absolutely, completely, totally absurd.

There's still absolutely no way I'd make said decision though. Has far more going against it than going for it.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
If Hussey gets dropped for this Test, I suppose the most accurate reflection would be that it'd be a real shock, but not absolutely, completely, totally absurd.

There's still absolutely no way I'd make said decision though. Has far more going against it than going for it.
Yeah, agree with this really.

No way would I be dropping Hussey as I simply have a lot of faith in him, but I don't really think he could consider himself particularly unlucky if it happened. His performances have been well below Test standard for an extended period now.


Y no Afghanistan flag
Now that Haddin has performed so well I'm tipping Lee or Watson to come in for the unlucky M. North.

The reason being that the team needs an extra quick. Hope Watson bowls well in the warmup.


International Regular
Watson for Hussey as the only Aussie change I'd say. Lords has to me confirmed my concerns - that Hussey can no longer bat for long enough periods of time at Test level. Still a good player, but Test cricket is about guys who can bat for a day and I don't think he can anymore. Just a gut feeling more than anything. He is still looking ok and will make runs, but something tells me he has made his last Test hundred.


International Debutant
Again it's that time of year when Johnson deserves a good old dropping. It'd be pretty harsh to move any of the other bowlers, so there's really only one bowling spot up for grabs.


U19 Cricketer
At the present time Johnson can not be relied upon to do his bowling job. It is a harsh call and I assume that he would come back soon and be better than before, but for the immediate time we can not carry his poor form.

I'd have to be pretty convinced that Watson's bowling form is better than the pies he bowled at T20 WC before I picked him in the side.

The form and mind frame of Hughes is a big worry too. Wish Hodge was in the squad. A re-jiggle of Hussey to opener would either re-ignite his career or see him out of the team (note this is a bit of a back-flip for me on Hussey oppening).

Other question is how is Hauritz injury going to pull up.

Radical Suggestion that probably shouldn't be taken too seriously:
In: McDonald, Lee and Clark
out: Johnson, Hauritz and North/Hussey

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