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*Official* Sri Lanka Tour of South Africa 2019


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The little I have observed of Qeshile I don't think that T20 is his natural game, so I worry that he is going to be asked to play at international T20 level and try play a style he should not be playing (at least not yet).... give him the beginning of next season, some SA 'A' tours etc and see how he goes. Bring him into the SA setup after the WC and the Indian series.


International Debutant
Been away for a while so wanted to say belatedly, congrats to SA on a thorough series victory..we weren’t even at the races..


U19 Cricketer
Pretty ballsy to celebrate like that with one ball left. Bowl one full toss that also goes for six and he could have potentially ended up on one of those 'never celebrate too early' compilations. A fate worse than death


First Class Debutant
And that is why vd Dussen's s/r is not a huge concern, although he needs a longer innings before he starts dominating...

Not sure about giving Qeshile a debut and then batting him down there??


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What happened to Embuldeniya

Edit: just remembered he got injured in the test series. What became of the bloke who switched bowling hands?
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The outswing (to a right hander) is good to see from Morris. Such an enigma as a bowler especially.


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For a good while now, even in tests, we don't seem to know what to do when batsmen go hard at us (especially Australia - see Warner, Johnson, Starc...)


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Agree...Personally I would reeza and aiden. But if they insist that amla has to then aiden has to be the other one.


Cricket Spectator
I’m watching this thread have grown unexpectedly since the last time I came here. Almost 1300 posts! I want to express my opinion. I think that Aiden Markram will be a rising star. I read a little about him and I'm in anticipation of his next game.
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