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**Official** Sri Lanka Domestic Season 2013/14


International Debutant
I don't think it makes sense to give the young seamers "experience" in an important tour.. I think SL is overrating pace.. Eranga and Lakmal bowl maybe 10kmph faster than Kula, but I doubt they have as much control.. McGrath used to get consistent wickets bowling <130kmph late in his career.. I have a bad feeling that the English batsmen (who have something to prove) will be licking their lips looking at our new ball attack..

I'd be happy if I have to eat my words eventually of course..
dont get me wrong, i am not writing off Kula- i am a big fan of him, I just think that we need to give these young guys enough international experience to make their transition to leading the pace bowlers smooth. What i would like to see is SLC sending these guys to Aus and England to play state/county cricket as pro's to learn their trade on those types of wickets.England wont be giving us any assistance with turning wickets so we need to adapt ourselves to their wickets(as they try to do when they come to us)


Cricketer Of The Year
We only have two young(ish) quicks who've earned the right to play ahead of more experienced players though - Eranga and Lakmal. It would be lunacy to pick a guy like Pradeep over Kula for an important overseas tour when his career to date has really only included one good performance. I like the idea of sending those guys away to play domestic or even club cricket in England though, especially given how the domestic seasons don't clash at all, one or two of our younger spinners and batsmen could do with that too.