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Official Rugby Thread

Fuller Pilch

International Captain
This only happened after the govt changed their quarantine requirements. A worldwide pandemic is not as important as the All Blacks.


Cricketer Of The Year
Rieko knew he was out for the first try, so took pity and dropped it accidentally on purpose.

Side note - watching this while in the UK and seeing crowds like that is a pipe dream.


Cricket Web Owner
Well done to the Wallabies who deserved a win but that was absolutely abysmal from the All Blacks - our forwards destroyed by a bunch of newcomers.

Mo'unga again proves that he's not up to Test level. Where was he for the drop goal and his kicking game - non-exisent?

This team reminds me of the late 1990s/early 2000s in players being played all out of position.


great game, heaps of fun to watch. im not sold on foster at all and found some of the backline selections dubious pre-game but oh well, hopefully caleb clarke starts next week and damien retains the 23 jersey when beauden returns.
Isn't Mo'unga a pretty good goal kicker, like 80% range? Surprised they prefer Jordie over him.
his kicking went into the toilet this season while his running game has improved out of sight. jordie, mckenzie, otere black, josh ioane and mitch hunt have all kicked better this season.


Global Moderator
always amusing when someone fluffs a stone cold try because they try to be a show-off on the grounding

edit: no more joc on goalkicking duties please. some of those kicks would have missed a second set.
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Sir John Kirwan: "A draw in an All Blacks jersey is a loss." ;)
Kirwan is absolutely right, and that's precisely the attitude which has made the ABs the premier team in the world for decades.

Of course, if Glenn McGrath or Steve Waugh say the same thing about the Australian cricket team, they are labeled archetypically arrogant.