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*Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II


Whatever it takes!!!
Yeah in the 30 card set I had in the early 90s he was #5 after Hogan, Bret, Undertaker, Mr. Perfect. The only good thing about him was the rank. I had another 60 card set which had very cool pics too, where Bret especially looked jacked. But urs seem to be the best set of all.


Global Moderator
Yeah I have the top 10 or so ranks dedicated to memory:

1. Bret Hart
2. Hulk Hogan
3. Yokozuna
4. The Undertaker
5. Ultimate Warrior
6. Ric Flair
7. The Million Dollar Man
8. Ricky Steamboat
9. Lex Luger
10. Razor Ramon
11. Randy Savage
12. Kevin Nash
13. Shawn Michaels


Whatever it takes!!!
U had a Kevin Nash card? I could never find one with him, either as himself or as Diesel. But everything always had Razor Ramon, lol.


Lmao Luger above all of the four below him is hilarious

Honestly one of the most overrated wrestlers ever. Bloke was just never any good


Haha fair enough. Tbh the people booking him, even into the late 90s still seemed to rate him. But I've never actually spoken to another fan who actually rated him, other than ironically.
Lex had a massive run to the title in WCW in 97 where he was insanely over and actually submitted Hogan in the rack clean for the win on Nitro. He was ****ing awesome in that time, but of course he lost the title back shortly after thanks to WCW booking bull****. WCW Luger was good but held back terribly by the NWO who held wayyyy too much power over booking.


Whatever it takes!!!
Lex was a big deal in WCW before he went to WWF too. The thing is, he was HOT when he came back out of nowhere to the first episode of Nitro. And like you said, again in the angle against NWO. But as a worker and as a star, I dont think he had it in him to be amongst the big boys. I dunno if he is over rated coz none of the wrestling fans I know from my efed and smark days rate him at all but it is possible for more casual fans to have thought he was a bigger deal than he ever was.


The first things that spring to mind whenever I think of him are his Summerslam "win" over Yokozuna, where he looked like a total moron, and everything 98 onwards where he just looked like a sad clapped out goof.