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*Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II


Not Terrible
I seriously can't wait for when MJF betrays Jericho and takes the Inner Circle from him. Could be genuinely star marking, the dude is so good


Russo's bad rep is entirely warranted tbh. Doubtless a very creative guy, but has no concept of moderation and doesn't actually understand wrestling.


His WCW stint is what he rightly gets most of the flack for, but he should cop a lot of blame for TNA never really kicking on as well imo. At a time when they really looked like they would be able to make a difference they were badly held back by some of his stupidity.


Whatever it takes!!!
Apparently, Road Dogg credits him with pairing him up with Billy Gunn and creating the New Age Outlaws too. Guy definitely had good ideas but needed moderation as well as a boss who understood wrestling above him for him to click.


Russo's WCW wasn't as bad as Bryan Alvarez likes to pretend. I don't imagine he had as much control as he'd have liked in any case.

My biggest personal issue with Russo is that he's a vile and despicable pile of trash human.


Whatever it takes!!!


State Vice-Captain
I know I’m late on this but **** WWE
Since the pandemic I've found it tough to follow them even on a superficial level anymore. There are still some quality stories like Drew or Roman but them basically acting like the evil empire is a little much now.