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****Official****Pakistan in South Africa


The Tiger King
It must be desperately frustrating to Pakistan's supporters knowing that this partnership may well have changed the final result. Not simply the mathematics of a 100+ lead ending up as something far lee, but the psychological impact on both sides. Some of your guys are going to have to bat very very well indeed.
you are absolutely spot on here


**** off everybody....I haven't felt so bad watching a test match since that one in 1999 vs Aus
Have you completely lost it? fightbacks like these are to be expected against top sides... what, you just expected SA to roll over like spineless chumps?

atleast wait for Pakistan to collapse in the 2nd innings. Then you have full reason to complain


U19 12th Man
This is just getting ridiculous.....The amount of lucky runs these tail-enders are getting through edges is really annoying.
There really have not been that many edges from the tail enders, none more than usual anyway, most of Peterson's runs have come from genuinely good shots.