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*Official* NRL 2013 Season thread

The Battlers Prince

International Vice-Captain
Well that wasn't a bad game, Cherry-Evans had a few blistering runs. Was glad Manly didn't win. Now a few days of ppl talking about the final and then media returns to the great game


Y no Afghanistan flag
Just got back from the game, really enjoyed it. I was going for the Roosters so the second half comeback was pretty sensational. I loved my boi Daniel Tupou's first try. Everyone raves about Roger, but Tupou has just as much if not more talent I feel. I definitely need to watch the game again because I couldn't believe Cherry-Evans was awarded the Clive Churchill. I got home just in time to see the little kid faceplant the podium, lolz.


International Vice-Captain
I had no issue with cherry-evans being given the churchill, was carving them apart at the start of the 2nd half especially


Y no Afghanistan flag
Bugger. Nah I didn't need to know, just remember you saying how they always lose when you attend.


Cricketer Of The Year
Thought there were a few very harsh calls on Manly, but the Roosters were the marginally stronger team. Much better GF than in previous years. Couldn't believe Jennings got the ball down for his try. Watching it live I felt sure he'd got it down over the line.

Dollar bill holding the trophy made my gut wrench a little bit, but the same thing would have happened if it was Matai so it's a bit of a muchness.

Commentators were hyping up Tupuo as the next Folau but I really think he's a poor mans Israel. He's awesome in the air (it helps when you're up against someone as bad as Wolfie) and surprisingly quick but he has nowhere near the same power as Folau. Good player all the same.