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*Official* New Zealand in Bangladesh 2023/24

Kenneth Viljoen

International Debutant
Another ****ing gift, **** me dead.

You just can't win when you give two chances to a centurion and then do **** like that.
Yeah, Bangladesh are trying very hard not to win the test match ..

Playing the better cricket in this match but just handing gifts galore like its Christmas.

King Kane

International Debutant
Nice of Bangladesh to throw away another wicket with a run out.

Our bowlers need all the help they can get at the moment.


International Vice-Captain
Tbh honest any 'holes' in his away record can also be put down to lack of opportunities(compared to others)
Yeah fair, and I think the same can be said of Sanga which was why I made the comparison.


But muh ten wickets. Muh harsh dropping when conditions didn't suit him.
This sentiment would be more understandable if we didn't have a glaring need to look at a potential all conditions spinner (and I believe you supported that at the time - you were no fan of the 5 man pace attack iirc) and the fact some players seem to be cut faster than others who spend a couple of years batting with a twig or bowling pretty flat.

I don't think our treatment of Ajaz has made a borderline test player more likely to crack it than not.