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***Official NBA Thread***


Hall of Fame Member
let's see if lebron is ready to admit now how much they ****ed up the team this season...probably not...will be hilarious if this team full of future hall-of-famers fails to even make the playoffs...

meanwhile, we are being hit with all these injuries...it is bloody alarming...


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
So a section of diehard Nuggets fans believe the franchise is cursed. Like, whenever we get out hopes up they say 'but but the curse.'

I never used to take it seriously but I'm now on Team Curse. There's too much evidence for it.


Hall of Fame Member
if we can keep this core group together and and get them healthy by next season, i think we will be legit contenders...but yeah this season is toast...


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
We live in an era of recency bias so hot takes are inevitable but seeing Sixers fans come to the conclusion that Simmons isn’t the real problem is pretty funny

No denying that he’s acted like a **** but maybe they shouldn’t have dumped on him for years and it could have turned out differently


Hall of Fame Member
durant is so obviously the best player in the nba right now...the monster streak he has been on is just spectacular...


Global Moderator
Didnt factor in the GOAT caruso
Didn't think this team would play together so well. DeBallZach + Caruso and now Vooch has been amazing to watch. Even thinking this team might be good after watching the preseason, #1 in the East by Jan was never a possibility in my mind. I'd be very happy if this team gets past the 2nd round.