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***Official NBA Thread***


Hall of Fame Member
Bradley Beal, LaVine etc don’t win you as many games as Simmons

What are they worth?
beal and lavine are on ****ty teams while simmons is not, the analogy doesn't work, especially presented that way...theoretically simmons would be a great fit on a contender which is overloaded with proven scorers where he can happily facilitate on offense and defend but at his price, such a team would just not be able to afford him...


Hall of Fame Member
hopefully they will enforce this for all the anti-vax idiots like irving and wiggins...what the hell is a religious exception to vaccines? their scriptures forbid vaccinations?!


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
This is just bad on all levels re: Sixers vs Simmons.

Never seen someone dogg his team to this extent, he'll be hated wherever he goes now


Global Moderator
Ok so piss easy schedule and all that, but I'll take the 4-0 start.

Like watching the team right now, Vucevic can be a liability in late game though.