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***Official*** Match #9- India vs Afghanistan, October 11th, Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi


Whatever it takes!!!
I can see why the ICC asked some teams to wear different color kits for some games last WC. Its so hard to tell the teams apart here.


International Debutant
Well this is disappointing would have been nice for them to get a challenging target.

Surely India will knock this off comfortably.


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Almost certainly not enough and India probably win by 6 wickets with 5+ overs to spare but they have a total to defend and something for Rashid Khan to bowl at. He will probably win a game with 3/4/5 wicket haul at some point and who knows if it is today or not?


Cricketer Of The Year
Siraj is ideal on wickets with assistance but on flat decks he is truly cannon fodder because he keeps bowling length balls

Ahmedabad is expected to be flat too and Siraj has been very expensive in back to back games.. 3rd ODI vs Aus and today. I think he should be switched with Shami next game.