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**Official** Group D Discussion - Pakistan, New Zealand, Bangladesh


Cricketer Of The Year
Do quite like the way his mistimed lofts often find space and keep an innings chugging along with the field up. Happy accident Glenn Turner chipping, we're definitely going home with that in a Jimmeh selection.

straw man

International Coach
I see Guptill is ruled out with a minor hamstring strain. Of course all we need from this match is to not lose by an enormous margin but that's by no means assured - our batting is thinner than a hwaffer thin mint


The Tiger King
the wickets aren't as much of spinning wickets as I hoped they would be and hence am not quite as optimistic of Pakistan's chances as I was when the tournament hadn't started


State Captain
BJ Watling our only reserve batman :/ oh well I am sure his 10 off 13 balls will come in handly.


International Captain
BJ Watling our only reserve batman.
I wouldn't even call him a reserve batsman. He's the reserve wicket keeper as far as I'm concerned.

Strange decision to have two reserve seam bowlers, imo. For the reserves I would have picked one spinner, one seamer, one batsman and one keeper. All bases covered.

straw man

International Coach
I guess Oram will bat at 6 - very sceptical about this pretence that he's still a decent batsman.

Ugh Taylor. Made a complete hash of that.

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
Taylor is worse than Vaughan when it comes to dropping sitters. How many has he shelled over the past 12 months?


International Captain
So they pick Milne ahead of a batsman and decide to give the new ball to Vettori. itstl.


International Debutant
We're looking ragged. Bowling is all over the show, with far too many balls going down leg. Need to tighten up.