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*Official* First Class, List-A Career and Twenty20 Avges


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Do these stats include the last offseason? Was playing in Sri Lanka and England
These one's havent, however I have updated ones that do include them, I'll wait until the end of the dev league season before releasing updated career stats though.


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fair one. Reckon my List A average must be over 40 with the bat now. Are you watching selectors? :ph34r:


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Do I currently have the best first class bowling average of anyone with more than 100 first class wickets? I've scanned through the data, but couldn't be sure. If someone has the excel spreadsheet, maybe they could confirm for me?



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Of the current players yes, not of all time
R Timewell has 190 wickets @ 19.84, NS Hoy 429 @ 23.12
then its HT Davis with 173 @ 25.23.

Next of the current crop is Dave Richards with 672 wickets @ 25.97


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672 @ 25.97 eh

Not bad for an Ashley Giles clone

Remember Liam's player description in my first season, something about bowling flat and being more suited to OD cricket
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7544 FC runs @ 29.47 32x50 7x100 HS 170

2698 OD runs @ 30.66 13x50 2x100 HS 145

239 T20 runs @ 26.56 3x50 HS 59 SR 141.42

2 FC wickets @ 70.50

157 FC Catches 2 FC Stumpings
65 OD Catches 5 OD Stumpings
1 T20 Catch


Not such a bad career, really.