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*Official* Fifth Test (The Oval, London) 27-31 July


International 12th Man
Australia obviously doing an Ali rope-a-dope to tire out the pace bowlers given Moeen and Stokes can't bowl...nothing else makes sense
Must be.. why else would they want to not throw their wickets away.. and not superficially entertain the T20 fans and score moral points

Darwin Award

U19 Cricketer
Mansur Ali Khan (ind) vs england
105 minutes 5 runs

( who lost his Eye in car Accident in Cambridge, England but he keep playing as test captain of india with 1 eye)

Labuschagne 73 ball 7 not out🫀
I bet you he hit the accelerator once he 'got his eye in'

I'll see myself out.

G. S. Kohli

International Vice-Captain
Godfrey Evans 10 off 96 ball eng vs Aus

Rajesh Chauhan 96 ball for under 10
Non striker M. Azheruddin scored 152 more after Rajesh Starts his innings

Labu 9 off 79


International Coach
What a screamer, Bairstow gagged that though.

Is Marnus moaning about the light? We batted in this virtually all day.