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*Official* Fifth Test (The Oval, London) 27-31 July


International Debutant
Surely Australia wants to actually win a series in England, and England want to stop them. There are also WTC points up for grabs.

Also, many of the Aussies will never play a test in England aagain. If Warner plays will he get that elusive 100 (unlikely).

Will Anderson play and get a farewell?
Utterly pointless when still going on percentage instead of points . Who really cares, when the system is stupid.

I'd rather win the Ashes than even get in the final of the WTC.

We've got 5 rank turners in India to look forward to so utterly no chance of us making the final.

That being said I hope we can still win next week, but it's very much meh. Rain will impact it, so no doubt ends 2-1 Aus. So i just want the football season now.

Got to wait till September till proper cricket is back cos of the joke that is the hundred. As Durham lose some of their best players for the one day cup.


International Debutant
Pom ranting above me because they lost the Ashes.
Can’t lose what we didn‘t have.

Please explain why we still have a percentage system in place in WTC. It was brought in due to COVID. Why do we still need it?

Raised this point after the first test. Nobody has been able to answer this?

What did you particular take umbrage with in my post?

Just posting a smiley and calling me a pom which is a self own on Australians doesn’t really add anything.


State Vice-Captain
Whilst we don't want to lose the series, I don't think the England management will be particularly arsed if they do.

We'll see bothered they are by the team they pick but it wouldn't surprise me if there were wholesale changes in the bowling.


International Coach
Some intern needs to get fired for this. Crop your screenshots properly ffs. Also, why are you screenshotting instead of downloading this to begin with?
the bloke is in Greece on holiday, minus his better half for the last 10-12 hours, you can't really expect him to crop his own screenshots, surely?


Request Your Custom Title Now!
Some intern needs to get fired for this. Crop your screenshots properly ffs. Also, why are you screenshotting instead of downloading this to begin with?
I haven’t been with Telstra for about 8 years tbf, that’s how long it’s been since I screen shot it


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I think we stand a high chance of losing this one because:

1: there is no indication that the Australian bowlers will stop bowling exactly where the English batsmen want them to
2: it seems unlikely that the Australian batsmen will learn to get forward, or take a stance further forward, to the English bowlers who aren't Wood

Anthony Clayden

School Boy/Girl Cricketer
So where does Australia go with bowling?
Hazelwood got a 5 for, Marsh appears to pick himself on batting application.
Does Neser come in at 8?
Does Cummins get rested?
Who does Murphy replace? Green, or does Neser replace Green?