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*Official* Fifth Test (The Oval, London) 27-31 July


Global Moderator
Bouncers man
That's a more tail problem, the problem earlier in the series was that we bowled a ton of half volleys in the pads. Like Starc and Hazlewood did first up. These aren't traditional English pitches and this is not a traditional English batting lineup so we always had to pull our lengths back. Now that we've pulled back from a comfortable driving length scoring looks far harder.


International Debutant
This is the classic Cummins bowling spell; pack, short of a length and getting enormous lift off those lengths.

Reckon this is the best he's bowled all year.


U19 Vice-Captain
Quality bowling this from Cummins. Exactly where you have to bowl to this England team.

Oh god, that's another shocker. Carey's been excellent in the series, but that's Bairstow-esque.


Global Moderator
Our catching has been of the same standard that greatly contributed to England losing the first two tests.
We weren't that much better catching wise in those games tbh, we just kept getting bailed out by the same batsman giving his away his wicket shortly afterwards


U19 Captain
Hazlewood averaging 25 in England and everyone asking for the chop
would think any whinging aussies would be banging on about the inclusion of a poor man's Guinness.............

England may well bazballs themselves into a heap here if not careful, well actually maybe it's the inability to be careful (bat properly) that has brought that about, so many harp on about bazballs this, bazballs that, yet England still return plenty of poor positions

(on beeb the other day the statsman asked how many times since 94/95 series either side had been bowled out for under 200, I think the answer was ENG 50-16 AUS or something like that, I suspect the 50 is right and why AZ asked it)