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***Official*** English Football Season 2019-20


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Yeah, Bournemouth weren't exactly inspiring at the end of last season and today's result is hardly reason for optimism. They'll be in the relegation fight.


International Coach
Linekar, Shearer and Wright remind me of that table of middle aged men in the pub whose only thing in common is that nobody else will sit with them because of how annoying they are


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Willock and Nelson starting. Bruised banana kit. C'mon Arsenal, let's do this thang!


Mustafi not even in the squad haha.
I expect he'll be sold before the transfer windows close elsewhere tbh. Probably imminently.

Enjoying that the Arsenal young lads are being given a game today. Hopefully a trend that will continue.


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As doubtful as I am of Solskjaer's ability as a coach I really like his selections. Was resigned to Matic starting today and great to see Tuanzebe on the bench rather than any of our vast selection of established defensive failures.


Good day at the office for Arsenal really.A win on the road in less than ideal conditions in a fixture that is often a bit of a banana skin, some important players missing, a large number of young players featured, 3 debuts, some good looking link up play, never really looked troubled. Quite pleasing.

Newcastle are bad though. Not the worst defensively or in terms of organisation, but evidently very limited in terms of ability to actually play football.

Will watch the Utd/Chelsea game with interest. Don't really have a preference in terms of winner, just hoping for some lols.
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Yeah. If he really wanted to parody him he would have just stuck a pineapple on his head.

That said... I'm not entirely sure if that would be a whole lot better, come to think of it...