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***Official*** England in New Zealand 2018


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It is wonderful how the end of the day's play here exactly coincides with the start of the day in the SA-Australia match.

straw man

Hall of Fame Member
It would be wrong to say Williamson has had a 'bad' summer when he's scored quite a lot of runs in limited overs formats, but still, put him back in whites today and suddenly he looks a thousand times more at home.

Excellent innings.


SA, england and especially west indies time zones for cricket watching are brutal in nz.

indian tests are pretty good. starts after work and goes through the evening but you still get a full nights sleep.


International Vice-Captain
Top day, can't ask for more - dismantling the opposition in the first session and getting through the post-dinner period with little damage. Glad that the long time between tests hasn't diminished KW's game. Can't wait to see the highlights, especially Boult's spell.

Mohali 1999 was quite the reversal after NZ bowled out India for 83 on the first day (NZ were left batting out 135 overs for draw at the end), so hope England are just batted out of this once and for all tomorrow.
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